Liebster Award

I don’t do much ‘bloggy’ things, but I was nominated by Lenka, who I stumbled upon while researching the Lancome Advanced Genefique. Her blog is new but promising, and she did help to bump up my page views by a lot, so thanks so much! And I am obliged to help out a few others.

As part of the thing, we’re supposed to answer some questions. Since I love chattering about inane stuff nobody is interested in, here goes:

  1. What do you love about your name & would you change it if you could?

My name is the boringest name in the world. At least 10% of my generation is named similarly. I would change it to something more exciting like Eugenie or Lana del Rey or something, but then I’m glad I didn’t name myself.

2. How many languages do you speak?

English, Chinese, low-level Japanese, and a smattering of other local dialects and languages thanks to our multiculturalism.

3. What was the last time you smiled at stranger?

Probably this morning. I smile almost all the time, no matter how shitty I’m feeling. It’s like the smiley version of the Resting Bitch Face. I smile on default so much my face sometimes hurt. And someone has once told me that I’m getting wrinkles (in my early 20s…)

4. What is your dream place?

Location wise, somewhere in a small city/large town, since I hate big cities (like the one I’m living in) so much. Some greenery and nature, but not like, cabin-in-the-woods level. I like lots of big windows and natural light, and I love marble flooring so I can sleep on the floor when it’s too hot.

5. Can you remember your last dream?

The last one I recall is a horrible one of my cat, who passed away last year (not to be confused with my currently existing cat) who was resurrected into a starved zombie and attacked people. Kinda funny now that I recount it, like how horror movies are terrifying when you’re watching it and sound ridiculous afterwards.

6. How do you feel when you put mascara on?

It used to be the absolutely most dreaded part of my routine. Eyelash curlers are a must, since my lashes are long but stick straight. And I couldn’t find a mascara that worked well for me. My old curl-holding mascara was terribly heavy on my lashes, like a too-tight ponytail, so much that I skipped it some days because I couldn’t bear with it. After I found my HG mascara though, mascara application has been SO LOVELY. I have fluttery, curly, pretty lashes all day! BOW AT MY FEET.

7. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

I love a lot of man celebs, but my enduring favourite has to be Lana del Rey (for 4 years running now.) Her make up looks are also fierce. If you follow her instagram account, you can see that she wears graphic mod eyeliner like it’s totally normal. Go girl!

8. Would you rock a red lip in the day?

Not for ‘businessy’ days where I have to wear Serious Lip Colours so as not to look too crazy, but otherwise, totally. Warm reds are easy peasy (so long as they’re not the eye-searing kind) but cool reds require a bit more of an occasion, like an Illamsqua event.

9. When someone tells you you´re pretty, do you believe them?

I am actually writing a long, instropective blog post about this. Suffice to say, I think I am objectively prettier than 75% of the population here, so quite a lot of people tell me I’m pretty. Of course, I’m neurotic and think that I’m having a bad skin day/wrinkles/dry undereyes/etc, but probably to other people I’m still pretty. This doesn’t mean that I always enjoy the attention.

10. Why did you start blogging & did you like my questions?

I started blogging out of total boredom during pregnancy. It’s absolutely boring because I just want to lounge on the sofa all day and I can’t do anything physically demanding, so I just like, put on make up and write nonsense. I like these questions, although I wish it could be slightly more beauty related.

I don’t have 10 blogs to link to, but I will help to promote some people who have supported me over the few months of rambling:

Allaboutleanne, with a beautiful blog (so aesthetic, much unlike me) and a lovely array of topics, from music, cooking, beauty, and travel. (all of which I love!) And srzly how do you make your food look so good?!

Oliveaolive, who is a frequent reader and has an amazing blog with lots of detailed, sciencey posts (my favourite!) I believe she may have tagged me to do this awhile back, but I must have forgotten about it, but I would like to give a shoutout to her because her blog is fabulous.

AuxiliaryBeauty, who, although not strictly new, is a lovely read. I did Literature for A levels. Even  though it doesn’t have much relevance to my life anymore (I read all baby books now) it will always be a secret love, and I love how she combines beauty and literary musings. My classmates all used to be nerds and I didn’t dare to wear make up with them, for fear of looking like a bimbo/vainpot/class idiot, but she totally proves that you can be smart and love make up!

Now, if you wish to answer questions, you may:

  1. What do you usually wear when bumming around the house? [I seriously want to know this: my daily uniform is baggy t-shirt + old PE shorts [my oldest is from 13 years ago] and I don’t even wear a bra. Am I abnormal?]
  2. How has your make up obsession/consumption changed over the years?
  3. How long does your beauty routine (skincare, make up) take on an average day?
  4. What beauty brands, if any, do you have irrational obsessions about? (Mine is Giorgio Armani!)
  5. What is the single most expensive beauty item you own and why did you buy it?
  6. What feature do you hate about your face the most, and why? [Not intended to be shaming: I absolutely detest my lips, because my neuroticism makes me pick at them all day and they’re forever flaky and disgusting.]
  7. Would you use or buy secondhand/used make up? Eg from blogsales
  8. How much do you spend on beauty a month? (My budget was $20, until I realized it was nigh impossible. Still, I spend only around $100 monthly)
  9. Are you a purger or a hoarder?
  10. What is the most unglam beauty/personal care product you can’t live without? (Mine is probably feminine wash.)

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Nice post! Thank you 🙂 It seems to me that these questions are more personal and fun, as we always talk about makeup and beauty but not so much about simple, ordinary, everyday things in life 🙂 I appreciate your feedback 🙂


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