Life’s Entropy unboxing, service and one product review

This post will show 1. unboxing porn, which I rarely do 2. service review and 3. product review.

This is my first ever indie cosmetics purchase. Shipping from indie companies can be prohibitive. I bit the bullet during the anniversary 20% off sale, which made it extra sweet. I talked about LE before. Their sciencey things make my knees wobble. I used to date this guy who taught chemistry, so we had a lot of very sciencey things going on.

  1. Unbox porn!

Photo 20-8-15 12 01 45 am

To be frank, I didn’t expect the cosmetics to be so tiny. I ordered a LOT, for me, one other person, and a couple of gifts for a friend. I thought it would be a parcel box, but it all fit into one bubble mailer. Anyway, the packaging is lovely, all customized. I’m not big on packaging anyway, but it’s a nice touch. FOR SCIENCE!

Photo 20-8-15 12 02 57 am

Packed securely into a nicely folded envelope.

Photo 20-8-15 12 04 21 am

Photo 20-8-15 12 05 41 am Photo 20-8-15 12 05 58 am

I feel that the clamshell samples of Brow Theory Ebony x2 (ordered 2 by mistake, but see no. 3 and be like sorry not sorry) and Celestial (pictured) and Nebula highlighters were crazy tiny. I mean, they only cost like $1.50-$3 each, but it was a bit unexpected. Anyway, LOOK AT THE PRETTY HIGHLIGHTER. This is the only reason why I still buy cosmetics, for TEH SPECIAL EFFECTZ.

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 15 am Photo 20-8-15 12 10 22 am

Eyeshadow samples. Also super tiny, took me by surprise (first indie order after all)

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 30 am

Matte Theory. Was very slim and again, unexpectedly small.

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 43 am

Lip Theory in Transformation full size. It’s someone else’s order 🙂

2. Service Review

I ordered on 26th July. I received it 19th August. That’s about 3.5 weeks of wait, which was rather painful. Their TAT is 10-15 business days. On 8 August, it shipped, which is around 10 business days. USPS took from 8 August to 19 August to get it to me. According to the tracking, it went from US all the way to Taipei before coming here. Shipping cost me $8.50 USD, which I feel is okay. (Not exorbitant, and just about where most indies charge.)

Everything was nicely packed. There was some glitter fallout on my hands when I opened the package, but no shadow package was damaged.

I requested for a full size eyeshadow (GWP) in Finding Nucleotides, and that’s what I got. (Incidentally I also bought a sample size. Damn, what were you thinking?) I didn’t get any secret add on bonus bonus, which is a little sad, but it’s something that I don’t expect. Definitely would have been a nice surprise, but 20% off is good enough 🙂

Overall, a very pleasant experience.

3. Quickie first impressions review of Brow Theory in Ebony

My hair is super black. My eyebrow hair is also quite definitively black. The pencil I was using previously was in the colour ‘Black’, which turned out to be a true black, so when blended, became grey-ish. I am super yellow toned, so this looked weird on me sometimes. Translation: it was too cool toned. I’ve also used a pencil labelled as ‘Dark Brown’, and it was way, way too warm. My hair is not brown and my eyebrow hair is most definitely not brown, so it was much too reddish. I have since given it to my sister, who may be less fussy than me.

Henceforth, I think the Ebony is the PERFECT colour for me (Cara Delevigne made the light-hair-dark-brow thing cool anyway, so I don’t need to match my brows to my hair!) It’s actually a slightly warm, super dark brown. (I associate ebony with the true pitch black of pianos though so it was a surprise for me.) You can see it in the product closeup, although it doesn’t seem to show on the swatch. I just saw literally right now that it is described as a ‘warm blackened brown’, so please be a more educated consumer than me.

You may also know my stance on brow products (buy teh cheapest thing possible!) so I’m really glad these are $1.50 per sample. As it stands a sample will probably last me a year.

Photo 20-8-15 12 18 02 am

This swatch was me touching the Brow Theory with my RT brow brush super gently. GAWD, so pigmented!!! It’s like freaking gel liner! After I swatched this, I used the remainder on the brush for one brow, and had just about enough. Conclusion, touch it even more gently the next time.

I will be posting a colour pic of my brows next time. I think it’s nice that it’s warm enough to complement my skintone but also a proper ‘black’ shade. If you’re very cool toned, you may want to stay away.

Photo 20-8-15 12 28 04 am

This is the swatch after I took a shower as per normal. SO TOUGH. It’s also smudge resistant, though not 100% smudge proof (but then I already took a SHOWER with it.)

I’m super excited but it’s the middle of the night so I can’t smear all teh things over my face. Waiting for tomorrow!!!!

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