DIY: Tinted balm using Nuxe Reve de Miel

Yay, finally blogging on the computer instead of the phone…

Photo 8-8-15 10 42 50 pmI talked about this pretty expensive lipbalm earlier here. It’s a nice lip balm, and although the price point is not something I can swallow easily (I got mine on a huge, huge sale) it is a really, really nice balm and a little different from most balms on the market.

This little pot is HUGE. HUGEASS HUGE. 15g squeezed into that tiny little pot. The product is super dense, which means that a lot of product is packed into that thing. I will probably not finish it for 3 years or more.

Since petrolatum/Vaseline has not been enough for my ravaged lips recently (of course, all the damage is self caused, but still) I decided to remake my tinted balm.

Photo 7-8-15 10 26 22 pm

Ingredients: My old tinted balm (didn’t want to waste it), more lipstick to add more tint, a sun stick that wasn’t so kind on my lips by itself, for SPF*, Lanolin, Nuxe, assorted tools.

*Regarding SPF: The amount of balm-with-spf I’ve put is very, very small, so I don’t think the SPF is more than like, 6? At most. Some sunscreen actives is infinitely better than no sunscreen actives, though. Still, I don’t know if Ethyhexyl Mecinniblahblahmate is heat stable or not, so I don’t actually know if it has dispersed well in the product. So, I’m not saying scientifically that I have made a balm with SPF or anything, okay. (I did try to source for titanium dioxide locally that I could add into DIY concoctions for physical blockers, to no avail.)

Photo 7-8-15 10 30 42 pmApproximate all volumes. The yellow stuff is nuxe. I didn’t add THAT much lipstick, some of it was the old tinted balm.

Photo 7-8-15 11 38 12 pm

Post melting and contained. I put the concoction in the fridge to set for awhile. IF you do that, it hardens to a texture not dissimilar to the original Nuxe.

Since I had that nice container set I bought, I made this a nice compact item for my daily carry pouch. The top is tinted balm, the middle is Nuxe + Lanolin, no heating, just a lot of mashing (in other words, clear balm) and the bottom is handcream. In a smell that I absolutely abhor (Lemongrass, HATE THAT SHIT), but I’m not big on hand creams, so I’m just trying to use it up at this point.

To me, DIY is very fun. It’s not hugely groundbreaking, but I like doing it. It’s also nice to use your favourite lipstick colour for your own custom shade of tinted balm.


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