Marketing and branding in beauty 

having tested my share of beauty products…. 

As of now, if I purchase more make up, usually I would purchase low to mid range brands (my passion for Armani not withstanding!) 

I realized that many drugstore brands have really, really improved their products. Each brand usually has a few product types they’re really good in. For example, most Revlon lip products are pretty good. Loreal has those fantastic gloss stains (which are my favourite glosses ever) maybelline has nice mascara (no personal experience.) Rimmel has put out nice lipsticks and that famous stay matte pressed powder. Wet n wild has hidden gems in everything, like their Fergie eye primer, and ELF too. NYX has hits and misses but it’s range is so humongous. 

I realized there is close to no need to buy anything higher level than say, MAC/Buxom. Product wise, many lower level products are just as good or even better. Kiko is my favourite example. At a really friendly price point, they make huge arrays of products, and recently I’ve tried both their cream shadows (the bouncy mousse kind like Chanel Illusion d’Ombres) and the stick kinds. Both stuck around ALL DAY on my kids with no migration or creasing. They even helped some mediocre liner I had on to grip to my lids better, so that my liner didn’t migrate as well. Fabulous! 

I believe that most high end brands are priced and marketed as such because of simply, the luxe market. Product actually costs very little- it’s just mix of oils, waxes, silicones and pigments after all. I have grown beyond fancy packaging and marketing spiel. Now that many conglomerates own an array of brands both high and low end, they are able to innovate for the high end, and trickle down similar formulas so we can save. 

For me, even though I love make up, I’m not a make up artist and I’m very clear on it being a hobby. I’m not too fussed about appearances and I won’t die if my eyeshadow is not the perfect mix of 64939 different complex shimmers, because 99.5% of people don’t know the difference. So I try to find good products, good formulations, as cheaply as I can. Yay! 

My little angel is around 9 years away from asking to borrow my make up, probably. What a lovely smile she has!! 


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