Splurge or save? Lip Balm

Here are 2 polar opposites of lip balm.

(Okay, my definition of luxe is not all the way up there yet. That would be like, By Terry, which I think is superbly overpriced.)

Since I became a mother, I’ve been using Lanolin. The only reason you’ll know about it is if you are 1) breastfeeding and suffering from the NIPPLE PAIN and 2) heard mothers discussing it. I don’t think anyone organically needs to moisturize their nipples, srsly.

This is one that I’ve received as a gift from a girlfriend. It’s like USD$14.50 for the 15ml tube, which is not exactly cheap. However, the real steal is Lansinoh:

Which I got for ~$13 for 40g. I have used this on my nipples, my lips, my cuticles, etc, and there is barely a dent on my tube after a year. It will last you your lifetime if you didn’t have to throw it out after a few years, probably. I wouldn’t mind this in a smaller tube at a cheaper price.

Lanolin works fantastically for me. Some people MAY have lanolin allergies, so please check.

  • It’s very very emollient and heavy. There is definitely something on your lips, although I wouldn’t say it’s much thicker than the average lip gloss.
  • The product liquefies with heat (and solidifies with lack thereof). In colder temperatures it is nearly solid and impossible to get out of the tube. Minor irritation.
  • It keeps very well overnight
  • It is very, very soothing. If you have chaps/cold sores/dermatillomania (mine has been very severe recently due to a flare up of my insomnia) it will soothe all your worries.
  • It doesn’t really taste of much, but has a slight smell of something vaguely animalistic. Nothing too strong or offensive.

I’ve also recently bought Nuxe Reve de Miel, in a moment of uncharacteristic weakness. I am apparently really, really spendy on holidays.

Photo 8-8-15 10 42 50 pmThis famous lip balm has many fans. It’s at a luxe price point because the French sound sooooo posh outside of France. I got this for ~$23.50 SGD for 2, because it was on a bit sale. This price is nearly the same as the french pharmacy price. (~7EUR) It is astronomically expensive elsewhere (USD19, SGD32 in Watsons)

But it is actually a beautiful lip balm. If you can get it on sale, I wholly recommend it. The cheapest I’ve found online is on Qoo10 at $20.27, with free shipping over $80. [affiliate]

  • It is thick, but not as thick as Lanolin. Since my lips are so picky now, I’m glad for the increase in emollience.
  • It smells like orange-flavoured chocolate. It’s not my favourite flavour in the world, but it sure smells yummy. It’s definitely orangey, and definitely slightly sweet.
  • People have said the texture is very hard. It actually isn’t, or maybe we have different standards. This is like digging into really, really rich and solid custard. I could seriously eat this, the texture and smell is sooooo yummy. Maybe my tub is less solid because I’m in a warmer place.
  • It’s a really great balm. It soothes my lips and after wearing it for a whole day yesterday my lips are finally happy!
  • It goes on very, very matte. Good under lipstick.
  • I’m not too fond of pots, but well, I can compromise.
  • There is a LOT more product than you think. That little pot is really, really deep. I didn’t realise how much there was till I dug out a lot of it to make a DIY mix of balm and still had a shitload left.
  • And just in case you want to make your own tinted balm/DIY mix (post coming up in the future!) the smell remains after mixing/heating/what have you – great if you like it!

So should you save or splurge on lip balm? Lip balm is a staple, and a really boring one at that, so if cheap stuff like Vaseline or lanolin works for you, by all means stay with it. I used Vaseline for really long too, until it was just not emollient for me. If you have some moolah and are looking for a nice, relatively expensive lip balm. the Nuxe Reve de Miel totally lived up to my expectations!


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