Lush Catastrophic Cosmetic face mask review

I received this as a free sample at the Lush store newly opened at mall next to me. Holy crap, ever since it entered, the fragrance of a billion overpriced cosmetics have pervaded itself through every hallway.

Photo 8-8-15 10 42 26 pm

The full size is $26.50 for 75g, which I suspect will last me just about forever and spoil wayyyy too fast, so I didn’t buy it.

I actually don’t really like Lush or its branding very much. I’m all for preservatives in my cosmetics and a standardized batch of ingredients. I told my hubby, when doing the mask: why don’t I just smash fresh blueberries into my face?

Photo 8-8-15 10 51 28 pmThis is how the mask looks like. It’s super thick and rather hard to apply evenly.

I only used half of the sample bottle, so I have enough left for at least one other mask, more if I only use it on certain areas.

It is quite a drying mask. It might be attributed to the amount of talc. My hands felt very dry after I applied it, until I washed it. It went back to normal but still a little dry.

The fragrance is rather cloying, if not particularly unpleasant – I can’t really tell what it smells of, maybe powder and very slightly fruitily-soapy. It actually stunk up my fridge, I can smell it every time I open the fridge door.

I did hte mask yesterday, washed it off, didn’t apply any skincare after, and went to sleep. This morning I had some spots on my right jaw.

I wouldn’t say that its this mask’s fault (plus, I didn’t apply any skincare after that, lazy ass me) but it did contribute somewhat to the dry skin. This makes me think that this mask is better suited to a concentrated application, of T-zone, chin, drying out spots, etc.

If you have super oily skin you may like this. Otherwise, I felt it drying, in a long lasting way. (like, the opposite of long lasting moisture? Haha)


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