Hong Kong Haul

i put off a lot of buying of essentials till hong kong because I love the cheap and good cosmetics there and I especially love browsing.

(All prices in HKD)

Top row: jars to store stuff, especially my loose eyeshadows. $14 for both

Bottom row:

  • Estée Lauder pure colour shimmer lipstick in Tiger Eye. Essentially a super frosty bronze version of 90s brown lipstick. Super damn frosty. Also tastes very fake fruity, which is not so nice. Didn’t think it was a very wearable colour but at $24, why not (this shade is apparently frequently given as a GWP. It looks like I got some snazzy LE packaging too. Cheap because DC-Ed, probably)
  • Dr Rimpler Sun Stick SPF 30. Wanted a lip balm with SPF and hubby was sold this. At $90 it is wayyyyy too ex for me. Also seems to use petrolatum, which is causing problems with my lips currently. Tastes mildly citrusy, and is clear.
  • Kose pure organic UV cut SPF 20. At $24, much better. Very nice and non waxy. Also clear.
  • Mentholatum think pink watercolor lipstick in Dancing Pink. Since Kissy Pink is my HG sheer lip/tinted balm, I bought it in another colour. Very unfortunately it is thoroughly filled with glitter. Although very pretty, I am not sure when I would use this. At $37 it is a good deal but FUCK THE GLITTER.
  • Lip brush with transparent packaging at $10 for 2. With a cap, easy to tote around although quite shitty quality.
  • A much better lip brush at $10 for one. The cap can be removed and attached to the end. This brush is more similar to an accent eye brush in shape, and it could very well be used as one, or a smudgy liner brush, if needed.

I also bought the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in the last 4 hours of being there.

Photo 8-8-15 10 42 50 pm

HKD132 for 2 (special sale. WHAT A STEAL!!!)

Photo 8-8-15 5 52 02 pm

Swatches of Nuxe Reve de Miel Balm, Mentholatum Watercolour lip in Dancing Pink, Estee Lauder Tiger Eye, Both the lip colours were 2 passes, but holy crap Dancing Pink is not sheer at all either, it’s more pigmented than some sheer lip colours. Tiger Eye is also okay – the shimmers are very closely packed and translates to an opaque look though its base is not opaque.


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