Beauty hack: repurpose bad liquid liner 

and bonus: get in on the liquid eyeshadow trend without actually buying anything!

This was inspired by me finding my HG mascara in a double ended package with a shitty glitter liquid liner. 

The liner is bad (but serviceable – I don’t think I outright hate any product.) Opacity varies, which is not something you want in liquid liner, ever.

Photo 2-8-15 8 57 51 am

It also flakes off, as oppose to fading or smudging off, because it’s the kind that sits in a thick layer on top of the skin.

The only good things I have to say about it is that it’s a real pretty colour with lots of glitters, and erm, because it’s brown, not black, it’s not so obvious when it flakes off? The mascara end is so amazing it compensates for the liner? Lol.

Anyway, if you’re a beauty addict you’ll also know that liquid eyeshadows are the next big things this year (after liquid lipstick, contour powder and highlighters) with many luxe brands releasing them. Thanks to my shitty eyeliner I discovered how to get a liquid shadow.

First, you need a liquid liner that does not dry that fast. This is imperative. It can be any colour you want. Except black – I don’t think a black liner looks nice greyed out.

I pull out the liner, use a fluffy shader brush to pick up product, and then use it as a wash on my eye. It’s also totally possible to use it in the crease, although mistakes are less forgiving that way.

Photo 2-8-15 9 07 35 am
In the crease – I’m literally not wearing anything else on my face, sorry!
Photo 2-8-15 9 07 27 am
Wash on the lids
Photo 31-7-15 8 03 41 pm
In the crease on another day with other stuff on my eye. Bad photo due to it being at night.

Some caveats:

  1. You can only get a sheer wash with these, no intense opaque colour. But then most liquid eyeshadows are meant to be used as such.
  2. You need to work very, very, very fast, since liner sets very fast. You cannot make mistakes, or take your time blending out.
  3. You cannot layer it. It starts to look patchy.
  4. You MUST use an eyeshadow brush, which is rather annoying because I like to lay down sheer washes with my finger. You have to wash your brush after each time.

Since I don’t do outrageous eye looks very often anyway, I find this absolutely adequate. It’s not the highest praise, but well, it’s perfectly adequate. It adds some sophisticated glitter and a nice wash of warm brown. Plus – it lasts almost forever: since it is a wash of colour, there’s no flaking or other funny problems while using it as a proper liner.

If you have shitty, non-black liquid liner, you can try this method!


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