Beauty Hack: Lipstick Mixing

Which is also a mini review of Revlon’s Matte Balm in 245 Audacious.

How utterly Audacious of Revlon to release such a shitty lipstick. I have another Matte Balm in Shameless, and despite it being a totally off-the-wall dark purple a la MAC/Lorde’s Pure Heroine, it has not much of the same problems.

Photo 2-8-15 9 19 02 am
I did not apply any make up beyond swatching lip colors etc so please ignore the pores/bad complexion/etc. I am having a bad skin week.

On your left is Audacious applied with a lip brush. On your right is Audacious applied straight from the tube. I TRIED, I PROMISE. That’s how terrible it is. Patchy as fuck, as not the matte, full coverage it promises. Even with a lip brush my blue-ish mauve lip tone shows through, which is why I’ve always, always wondered why I look so weird with it on my lips. IT’S THE LIPSTICK, IT’S NOT ME!


Now, I keep talking about this little pot of lipstick I dug out from the original tube. It’s a very sheer, more waxy/balmy kind of lipstick, which I’ve found extremely annoying to apply with a brush. So last night, when I was a bit wonky from Xanax (I swear, I have some of the best ideas when I take my occasional psych meds) I mixed Audacious into the pot.

I have no photos documenting the process (because I was slightly high) but I used the middle stick part of a Q-tip to mash everything up, and the proportion was about 2 parts Audacious to 3 parts Za.

[In retrospect, I think I did this because I have been making scrambled eggs with sour cream a lot lately, which makes it really smooth, and also there is something very soothing about whipping the sour cream into the egg.]

Photo 2-8-15 8 59 23 am

Photo 2-8-15 9 05 10 am
This was applied with a finger – already pretty great! I do have a couple of peeling patches, which shows here if you zoom.

Voila! It has become noticeably more pink coral compared to the original orangeish, and much more pigmented.

It has become a lovely translucent coral (but with the bits of glitter – one thing I really hated about the original lipstick!!) that has none of the stupid patchiness of Audacious, and is much more pigmented than the original Apricot Nectar! While still maintaining the translucency. Cool stuff. I think the reason for Audacious’ patchiness was because of the lack of waxes/oils in the base to help the pigment glide on. In theory, mashing it into a lipbalm would help as well.

So try this next time – mash up a super-sheer lipstick and a shitty pigmented one to make a great sheer lipstick!


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