My HG Mascara

A proper review of my newfound HG mascara, beyond my feverish, hyperventilating rambles of days past because I was posting from my phone, and I was too excited because SALES!!! (and legit sales- where everything was marked down like 75% instead of the usual stupid 20%)

I finally came to my senses, and realized the name of the product is BCL (that’s the Japanese company that produced it) Brow Lash Ex (that’s the brand) Perfect Mascara and Eyeliner (that’s the product name.) The Aisare Neko Hitomi nonsense is marketing spiel – although yes, I do want lovable cat eyes, meowmeow.


This is the little tube. Photo 2-8-15 9 37 29 amAnd this is the wand. Though the wand is short, because the whole contraption is a normal mascara size, it’s good enough. The wand is thin and small but long enough, which is great for reaching small little lashes and not getting mascara onto my eyelids. The product is on the thick side, but the wand doesn’t pull out too much extra product.

It’s actually a fiber mascara, but I don’t actually see any visible fibers of any kind, both on the wand, and on my lashes.

Photo 2-8-15 9 10 41 am

So I’ve mentioned before that the only thing I really want from a mascara is the ability to hold a curl. Everything else is secondary and an added bonus. WELL, LOOK AT THIS!

The very first day I got it, I applied it, went for a sweaty run, had a shower, then had dinner out. It was not very many hours (the mascara claims a 24 hour curl – no, I don’t want to sleep in my mascara!) but it was hardcore obstacles. It stayed throughout the entire duration. And I don’t mean that there was still mascara, I mean that the curl was almost as good as when freshly applied.

(Holy fuck, should something so apocalypse proof actually be applied to lashes? Lol I kid, I’m totally using this.)

My complaint about the previous Loreal mascara that worked well for me was that it was extremely, extremely heavy and thick and made my eyelids painful after awhile. This is very lightweight, like there is close to nothing on your lashes. In terms of volumising, it’s not particularly fabulous, but then I have rather sparse lashes so I don’t expect miracles. It doesn’t clump, I can apply 2 coats, it doesn’t look spidery, it’s jet black – THANK YOU!

There are however several cons to using this product:

  • The eyeliner is almost totally useless to me, and half of this product is eyeliner.
  • The amount of product is not stated, but it should be obvious that it is teeny tiny. Since I never, ever, ever finish a full tube of mascara (even after using it for like a year) this should not bother me too much.
  • It’s not cheap – I got it for $5 because crazy sales (I bought 3, and this is the first time I have ever bought backups of anything) but the original price is something like 1500 yen, which, after markups, will be $20+. That’s not ok for so little product.

I will be trying more BCL mascaras (but only after I run out, duh) because I can’t get my head around paying $20++ (I don’t actually know what the drugstore price is for this)for a teeny tube of mascara I’ll be using for like 3 months. Hopefully I’ll find one that is as great in their normal line.

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