Literally all the perfumes I own.

I am not a fragrance person. It’s either offensive, so-so, or nice. I don’t get all these strange top, middle and base notes. Seriously.

That’s why my perfume collection is miniscule, and all were gifted to me. The only thing I can tell about perfumes are which category it belongs to.

As a rule, I absolutely detest overpoweringly sweet scents. I also dislike many spicy scents (on myself. For guys it’s sexy, lol.) I hate both the Chanel N.5 and Guerlain Shalimar (most people worship one over the other, apparently.) I am partial to florals, but only the fresh/green/citrus kinds. Basically, nothing too cloying. I also dislike rose and Violet scents. God, I am hard to please.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue was a completely accidental find. In that, I literally found it, when I was moving into an apartment that we owned but used to rent out. Apparently the tenants left half a bottle behind. I liked it, so I’ve been using it since.

It’s a very ‘safe’ perfume. I think it’s the most boring out of all the ones that I own, and reading reviews on Fragrantica, it appears I am not alone. It is rather mature and elegant, and well, a little bit bland, but nice all the same. It’s basically erm, floral. Not particularly fresh or tangy or sweet, just erm…. right, floral.

It also has the perk of being really cheap for a good perfume. You can get it here for $35, $40 with shipping for a whopping 125ml. [affiliate link, but we know that perfumes are greatly overpriced in brick and mortar stores right?]

This is not really exciting enough for me to repurchase, but it truly is a good, solid, socially acceptable scent, especially if you’re over 30 (I’m not.) I’ll be happy to get this as a gift.

Next we have a rather elusive perfume, Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb. I first read about this on Brightest Bulb in the Box (last entry here) and I was intrigued. Since it’s crazy expensive ($200 per bottle in stores here) I didn’t want to blind buy (nor did I want to be pressured into buying a flacon at the store.) So I asked my husband to ask for a sample, or to spray a strip (the ones they provide at fragrance stores) when he was coming back from Hong Kong, and he bought the whole damn thing. Gosh, do men ever listen??

Luckily, it was a good blind buy. It is a little bit sweeter than I usually like, but it straddles the very fine line between sweet and fresh quite well. It’s youthful, playful and very spunky. I feel like I’m an 18 year old princess wearing this. Like a literal I-am-Royalty-Don’t-Fuck-With-Me. It’s kinda like the Cara Delavigne of perfumes. I think it’s a leeetle bit inappropriate for grown up situations though.

I would totally repurchase, but I don’t need to because it’s a very strong perfume (and also, because it’s an EDP) and all perfumes last me like 5 years at least. And the astronomical price tag makes me want to faint. But yeah, repurchase.

Versace Yellow Diamond was another gift from the husband. It’s a much more affordable ~$70, from here. [affiliate link, but seriously, I paid $90++ in Mustafa, which is the cheapest store for anything in Singapore so it’s a great price.] I was in Mustafa and playing around with their 20++ shelves of floor to ceiling wall of fragrances and happened to like this and he got it for me.

It’s erm, another floral. Seeing a pattern here? Lol. It’s quite fresh, light and sparkling. A really nice fragrance for leisurely rolling around in daisy fields. It’s young, but more delicate and not as spunky as Flowerbomb. The only qualm I have with this is that it doesn’t last very long (but it is an EDT.) It’s definitely work safe.

I would repurchase this, because it is more interesting, and younger than 5th Avenue, although it occupies basically a similar area of my (very limited) perfume wardrobe.

Finally, the last scent I own (and the first I acquired.) This was a gift from an ex boyfriend, which tells you really how old it is (and something that I’ve never told my husband, ha.) Jo Malone is incredibly expensive in Singapore, at around $200++ in stores, but much, much cheaper overseas, at around $120 USD, although that’s still incredibly expensive.

It is also a floral leaning on the sweet side, although not as sweet as Flowerbomb. It’s also muskier (I only know this because I had a friend in secondary school who used to spray this white musk spray on herself. It smells a little like that.) and fruitier. In fact, it smells partly, but clearly, of a very ripe pear. I love pears, so I don’t mind.

It lasts quite a long time, and is a grown up scent, without being particularly boring or stiff. I use this when I want to be sassy and confident during adult situations.

I might repurchase this. It’s a good middle ground between Flowerbomb and Yellow Diamond, but very, very expensive.

Other perfumes I’ve tried, very quickly:

Jo Malone Nectarine and Honey: Too. Fucking. Sweet.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: Boring as fuck. Generic flower scent.

Dolce & Gabbana The One (for men, from my husband): Smells like sweets and chocolates and EVERYTHING NICE. YUM. My husband suddenly smells so adorable.

John Varvatos Vintage: gift for my husband. This is spicy and musky and sexy as fuck. James Bond would wear this. Hitman Agent 47 would wear this. All tall dark mysterious sexy men would wear this. FUCK YEAH. I sometimes use it so that I can sniff it on myself.

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment: My mum has a bottle of it. Smells ok but really bland, like an even blander version of 5th Avenue.

Kenzo Pour Homme (I think): Smells disgusting. Like a rotting rose, but worse.

Tommy Hilfiger pear blossom: gift from an ex ardent admirer. Also way too fucking sweet and smells very one note.


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