July Favourites

1. Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

Holy crap this stuff is amazing. I’ve been doing my nails regularly now (mostly at nights after baby sleeps, and quite messily because like, I’m human yo.) I will drivel about my very small and non-growing collection of nail polish another day, but THIS IS AMAZING. I only used the tiniest bit and all my nail polish disappeared in a couple of seconds. It’s CRAZY FAST. I was using a Sally Hansen remover before (also acetone based) and it is nowhere as fast and convenient. Still, I’m not sure it’s worth $9.50USD (sure to be marked up a lot more locally) for 75ml, although it probably lasts a long time. Mine was a sample from a Sephora nail polish event a long, long time back. Sally Hansen only costs ~$6SGD a huge bottle locally. Another to note is that this stinks like fuck. My eyes were nearly watering and remember I am impervious to 95% of stuff. I had to hold my breath removing the remnants of my chipped polish, but it wasn’t too difficult because did I mention how fast it works?

2. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish in Apricot Nectar

from K.SKY beauty, because cream polishes look too shitty on me to swatch.

This is a cream polish. Cream polishes and I do not get along well together. This was a new nail polish purchase, because it was $3 (secondhand), yo, and I always wanted to try out these scented stuff. Although I absolutely suck at cream polish application (I’m slow, messy,can’t get even coats, etc) reviews I’ve read claim that it applies just fine, and is opaque in 2 coats. It took a long time to dry on me, because well, I can’t/won’t sit still, and it kind of fucked up before drying up. It does wear quite well after actually drying fully. Still, this made it into my favourites list, for one reason only: it smells like HEAVEN when you are applying it. I didn’t even originally like this scent, because it’s really artificially fruity and like gummy candy, which is not something I really like in a fragrance. But when you are applying it, and it dries, and the scent kind of wafts around you and dissipates…. wow, I wish that all polishes were scented now. This alone bumps it into my favourites list, I’m serious.

3. BCL Brow Lash Ex Perfect Eyeliner and Mascara

IMG_1685I hate how Japanese cosmetics have such long complex names. I have a pretty in depth review coming, but for now, read my feverish, rambly post.

4. Cargo Cosmetics Blush in Barbary Coast


Reviewed a super long time back, but has been my go-to neutral daily blush. A soft beigey, slightly pink, it’s very natural, slightly sheeny and pretty, and brainless to use. Too bad it’s discontinued.

5. Buxom Full Bodied lipstick in Centerfold

Unfortunately only available in the Serial Kisser set as a mini. It’s a gorgeous pink mauve that is my-lips-but-slightly-mauve, with an absolutely gorgeous formula that is very similar to Guerlain Rouge Gs, without the stupid violet scent (yay!) and at a much more affordable price. Full coverage, glides over lip imperfections, soft sheen. Probably my favourite lipstick formula ever.


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