Colourpop Clique and warm reds in general

Colourpop Clique is a warm orange-red. It was on clearance (cheaper than if I had bought it direct from CP itself) so I grabbed it.

CP is a great way to try out colours you’re not sure about, because they are cheap, (albeit with very little product), and great basic formulas. Clique is a matte. It gets a bit uncomfortable on the lips after a few hours (and my lips have taken years of abuse from dermatillomania, so like, this actually fucking means something because I very rarely say this about any product) and the colour doesn’t fade away so prettily: some of the colour stays in my lip crevices, which is bad because my lips are very cool-toned and this is super warm. It’s also a bit heavy on the lips. That said, it has brilliant pigment, with full opaque colour in 1 swipe, and lasts quite well through eating and drinking.

I’m ambivalent about warm reds in general – I’m all about NARS Dragon Girl, which is like the coolest red you can get before becoming officially fuchsia, which I STILL haven’t shown on the blog despite being my favourite lip colour ever.

Anyway, warm reds.

I’m very, very, very yellow. I think it’s obvious.

Photo 22-7-15 6 51 29 pm
I like it! I think it looks quite natural on me. I think I’m quite obviously warm toned.

The only thing is that it’s not really red, right? It’s like way more orange than anything, at least on me. Maybe I’m off the scale in yellowness, just before the jaundice.

For comparison, below is Revlon Siren on me, which is a straight orange.

Photo 13-7-15 3 12 39 pmIt’s not quite as flattering, I feel, especially IRL.

I will be springing for the next in the line of spectrum of orange-red, which is Frenchie, since Clique is way too orange and not red enough for me.

I’m reasonably happy with CP Clique. It’s a beautiful colour, although not exactly what I wanted. The formula is serviceable, although not fabulous (and you will only know this with wear.)

The story, if you want to know, was because I woke up at 7.55 for something that I had on at 7.30, so I left the house in 10 minutes. I chose something bright and put together that wouldn’t reveal my idiocy. The colour stayed on well until 12 or so, but the whole afternoon my lips were really uncomfortable. Like, I applied a couple of balms, a moisturizing lipstick, etc but it still felt like shit until 5 or so. I did not remove the lipstick, just applied stuff of similar tone over it. It feels as if it forms a layer over your lips though it’s not that kind of matte dry down liquid lipstick, but it feels that way.


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