May have found my HG mascara 

MandomCorp had a sale today. It’s a japanese company that brings in assorted cosmetics. 

Whoo sales!!!!! 

They do hair products like shampoo, spray, wax, haircare, and also popular make up brands like dolly wink, heroine make, etc. 

My mini haul: the lashes+glue was $5 and the 2 eyeliners cost $10. $15 total!!!!! (I don’t wear false lashes but I need to do campaign shoots in the future so I need something dramatic.)

And this might totally be my HG mascara! Too bad it comes with a glitter brown eyeliner side- I use brown liner on my light make u p days but I have a ton of gel brown liner left 
It’s called 24H Aisare Neko Hitomi in japanese- lovable cat eyes. Or maybe brow lash ex perfect mascara And eyeliner

HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THE LASHES. not only have they stayed up for awhile now, they’re long and black and natural looking, not spidery. IT HOLDS A CURL is what I’m saying. That’s all I wanted my mascara to do. My previous loreal one did that but make my lashes crispy and painful as hell. 

I’ll give it 4 hours. If it curls for the entire duration I’m buying 4 more or something. 


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