FOTD: maybelline neon red 

  This is from the Vivids range, which is not available in Singapore. I snagged mine from a reseller at $6 each. 

It’s a warm red. It applies with some translucency, and takes 2 coats or so to build up opacity, but it’s a rich, vivid colour. 

It’s not my greatest idea of a warm red though, because it is a little dark, instead of something eye searingly bright like Lady Danger (maybe I WILL buy lady danger one day.) 

It also seems to be a little bit drying after a few hours of wear, but it fades very prettily, doesn’t pull into lines or flakes, has a beautiful translucent finish and is so cheap!!!! 

I’m also wearing it as a cream blush, which it works perfectly fine for. It applies more red than orange as a blush which is fantastic because I’ve been looking for a red blush all along. 

I have two other colours in the range, Shocking Coral (which looks completely pink on me) and vivid rose which is gorgeous. Hope to post more soon! 

Ps the hair is growing insanely fast- soon I’ll be sporting that boy cut hair thing. 


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