Brands I still can’t get enough of.

I have a personal finance blog, and I might be described as stingy. Or hopefully, thrifty. I’m perfectly happy buying second hand make up, which is how I got most of my make up. I very, very, very rarely buy retail. I wrote a whole post on how advertising turns me off.

However there are still a few (just a few!) brands that get under my skin. I squee when I see them, and sometimes I even check their retail sites.

Photo 10-7-15 10 05 40 pm
Top 8 are ETK little pots. Bottom is Armani Maestro foundation, Lasting Silk UV, and Fluid Sheer 02

My love for Giorgio Armani is quite well documented on this blog. I have a lot of the ETK silk intense eyeshadows. I have his foundations, his liquid highlighters, etc. The thing is, I have no idea why I like Armani. I don’t go for many luxury brands; I think that quality doesn’t need to be incredibly expensive. It must be the exclusivity factor: It’s luxe, but not a ‘mainstream’ luxe brand a la Chanel, Dior, Guerlain. In Singapore you can only find it in the airport, and in Scotts Galleria in DFS. (And they don’t stock everything either.) I like being special.

Photo 10-7-15 10 06 02 pm
T: Kiko cream shadow (not sure of the full name, LE) depotted Kiko Metallic Lipstick Fuchsia, Kiko Smart Lipstick 914 Bottom: Kiko 4 shadow clics palette, 2 cream shadow sticks, and a radiant touch highlighter.

Kiko Milano is another brand that gets me hot and bothered. I have loved it ever since the day I visited Florence, and my friend who was studying there, told me that there was a brilliant make up store that sells lipsticks for 3 EUR. Though there are approximately 0 Kiko stores within 3000 miles of me (they are only in Europe and recently USA) I still constantly dream about Kiko and looking through their website. The last time I went to Europe with my husband, I went into every. single. store. that we saw, which means at least twice in EACH city (and also in some train stations, between cities.) Their items are good quality, cheap, without superfluous packaging, and they constantly release new, exciting LEs. My favourite daily blush used to be from Kiko (till I smashed it into oblivion.) They also feature loads of East Asian models (actually, I think it’s just the same girl in everything) in their promo pics: This is not yet very common from what I’ve seen, western brands usually use Latina/black women as their ‘women of color.’

Sleek is another good quality drugstore brand. I have like 10 of their eyeshadow palettes. They’re not the most consistent, but they are great variety at a brilliant price point. The eyeshadows in the palettes are quite small, but they come in all sorts of crazy colours so I just keep them on hand for all my crazy colour needs. Neat, eh? Plus, their concepts and marketing are amazing and get me everytime. Their blushes are another star product, lots of colours and super crazy pigmented.

Photo 10-7-15 10 07 18 pm
All my sleek palettes that I can’t even count anymore

Any brands you have an unreasonable/irrational love of?


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