yesterday we had a fancy pants function. Apparently functions, alcohol and some prescriptive anti-depressants do not mix well with me because I spent the whole night HIGH AS FUCK .
I was very, very proud of my hair+ dress + make up like serious, but I only had oneeeee blurry pic 

It was dragon girl + Illamasqua iridesce lipgloss on my lips. 

And when I woke up this morning, 

  1. My very expensive Prada clutch, which I take out like once a year, had its lock twisted. It’s easily fixable luckily. 
  2. My NARS dragon girl is LOST, what the FUCK. I CRIED. (Was still slightly high) 
  3. I erm…… Shaved my head. Like serious? I only remembered doing this vaguely. 

So….. I have a shaved head now. Rocking the Charlize Theron look I guess? Luckily it’s the ‘in thing’ for edgy girls right now. 

(That’s me wearing my other red lipstick. It’s gorgeous. But doesn’t compare to DG.) 
Trying to get used to being edgy~ yo


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