FOTD: Revlon Icy Violet 

aka one of the most gorgeous lip colours ever made!! 

I realized that my natural lip colour is very rosy and deep. This means that icy Violet is practically like my natural lip colour, but a bit purpler, and with a pearly, frosty finish. 

Icy violet is from the super lustrous line, and has a pearl aka frosty finish. While pearl is 90s at best I find this to be lovely and not over the top metallic.

It was supposed to be a limited edition from the legacy collection, but I have no idea if it’s LE or not because it seems to be in a few places. The permanent iced amethyst is somewhat similar to this, but darker and more pigmented, which means less nude.  

My lips are not in the best of conditions now so the lipstick doesn’t go on very smooth but it’s still gorgeous. 

I repurchased this after I lost my first tube because it’s a gorgeous lipstick at a drugstore pricing (in fact I got mine at $7 online) and I had to. 


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