My new favourite flavour: Vanilla~!

I’ve noticed a trend recently, that I absolutely adore vanilla smells.

It started with this body scrub by Boots:

It smells good enough to fucking eat. It’s not that scrubby, but honestly I don’t care, I would use it just to smell all the vanilla on me.

Then, I went back and got this:

This is like, I think my first ever non-supermarket brand shampoo. Usually I just use Dettol or whatever. It smells like VANILLA. YUM. (apparently, cheesecakes and smoothies don’t smell very different.)

I also have this, even though I have no need for body cream. It smells GOOOOOD. Plus, the swirliness is so cute.

I have a generic brand vanilla lip balm. IT TASTES SO GOOD.

My very first MAC lipstick also smells of vanilla… I mean, everyone keeps saying that MAC lipsticks smell like vanilla, but you seriously don’t know what that means until you actually smell it. I swear I could eat that thing.

Colorpop Lippie Stix also smell like vanilla. People have said there is a synthetic quality to it. My very lousy nose detected a crayony smell underlying the vanilla, which is sad, but if I close my nostrils I can pretend it doesn’t exist and just smell the vanilla?

Seriously, VANILLA EVERYTHING! yum yum yum yum.

What other vanilla scented products are out there? Googling reveals a lot of body lotions and soaps, but what about MAKE UP? Are there like vanilla smelling foundations and blushes and SUNSCREENS? LET ME INCORPORATE THEM IN MY LIFE!


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