Why the F is my hair like that?

In another post in my ongoing series of how hair in general, and my hair in particular, completely baffles me…

Before cosmic karma strikes me down, I must thank my hair for being gorgeously soft and sleek most of the time, and simply for being on my head in abundance, even with all the hair shedding post pregnancy.

My hair is so very stubborn and it seems to be getting more and more goddamn stubborn as I age. By stubborn, I mean refusing to change from its natural state.

It is stick straight. Apparently the hair on my lashes and the hair on my head really cannot fricking curl. When I was in school, I used to be able to create gorgeous loose waves just by bunning my hair and letting it dry twisted up in the a bun. I mean, this is a legitimate way of curling right?? I also created pin curls, the old Hollywood glamour style which I loooooove, for my wedding photoshoot some time ago and they were a reasonable success.

But now, I left it up in a bun the whole fricking night to dry and when I wake up, holy crap it’s just as straight and limp as ever.

I haven’t really tried heat styling tools in awhile, but ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. But even with heat styling tools my hair seems to lose its curl really, really really fast. (I could braid it for curls as well, but it’s too short right now for braiding so I can’t try.)

Another thing is that my hair cannot goddamn absorb dye. It’s very dark, so I don’t expect dyes to work miracles, but I do expect to get a tint you know? Plus, I’ve dyed my hair quite a few times in the past few years, and I have walked away with reasonably obvious hair colour (though still dark, of course.) But recently I’ve done at box dyes at home with my husband, and while my husband’s hair became a super vivid red, mine was like, the same. WTF. I used a second box of dye in a more vivid red and left it on for twice as long as recommended. That gave me sliiiiiiightly more colour, but it was nowhere as vivid as my husband’s hair with just one box. WTF!

These are part of the reasons why I don’t bother about my hair anymore. I would really love to have it lots of funky colours. I was thinking of dying it blue like, 5 years ago before all the funky instagram hair hit. (I did actually dye it blue, without bleaching, so I had a nice blue tint in sunlight for awhile.) But now with my hair so stubborn, most days I just say fuck it. My default hairstyle is a ponytail (I hate hair in my face) or a bun (for stylish geekery, I suppose? :D) I wear it down when it’s not too hot, which around this time, is never.

Any one else can commiserate about the state of their hair?


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