What is this obsession with super flat mattes? 

Okay people, we agree that we don’t want a super ultra flat matte foundation, right? I mean, matte is sometimes what we want (for me especially in super hot weather like now) but so matte it makes us look 2D?!? Noooo, make up has come a long way.

But it seems like super ultra crazy matte lips are all the rage now. ?!?

I never liked the liquid lipsticks that dry down, because I peel/nibble at my lips very, very often. I believe it’s mild to moderate dermatillomania. (I make my lips bleed not infrequently.) this means that I basically fuck up all those lip colours.

Lipstick/gloss on the other hand, retain color well in response to plucking. They don’t flake away either. (The gummy feeling of peeling my lips with gloss is actually pretty fucking nice.)

For my very specific concerns, sheer/shine lipsticks don’t pose a concern since they are sheer and the light reflects the damage done. Mattes or very pigmented lipsticks often have enough color to stain and withstand my plucky fingers.

Even without all my neuroses, those super matte shades wipe out all dimensions of the lip. With normal lipstick, I see myself sometimes wishing for a black lipstick or something to add dimensions at the corners, because I’m all about the contouring and make up tricks, yo. 

I totally don’t get this liquid lipstick trend now and I don’t get all these ultra flat mattes. SKIP, THANKS.


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