Beauty Hacks: Repurposing face scrub

When I just started into make up and skincare and shit, I didn’t know that much. That’s why I bought this (horrors) The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion. The name itself makes me scream.

This is some seriously harsh stuff. I only use the teeeniest little bit for my face because IT. IS. HARSH. I consider my skin to be like rhino hide, impervious to most stuff (there was once I mistook nail polish remover for make up remover when I was very young, I AM NOT KIDDING YOU and my face is still here and still in good condition) and yet I find this very painful if I use this on my sensitive facial skin.

After I wised up a bit to skincare, I figured that using this kinda stuff on my face was not doing me good. These days, I only use it a little bit when my nose has flaky bits. I still have I think half of the 75ml tube left after 3 years.

So, what else can we do with this stuff beyond scrubbing our face, well…

First off, you can scrub your neck. I don’t know about you, but my neck tends to accumulate dead skin bits. I have an operation scar gotten at the grand old age of 1, and dead skin sometimes pile up in the nooks and crannies of that scar. I also don’t tend to take very good care of my neck. (Am I the only one who doesn’t slather skincare onto her neck?) It’s still harsh, but since neck skin is not as fragile as facial skin, it works well.

Another thing I’ve been doing with it is to scrub my hands. I also don’t take very good care of my hands, but I gave myself a mini manicure-style scrub and massage and boy did it feel good. Again, hand skin is much, much tougher than facial skin, so this scrub is not too harsh for that purpose.

I have tried this on my feet before, but my feet skin must be adamantium because I literally did not feel it at all. Ah well.

Okay, so I must apologise because I did not particularly revolutionize the usage of face scrub. But I hope you found it useful.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Hacks: Repurposing face scrub

  1. Im sorry that you had a really bad experience with this scrub. For my acne prone skin, this product is a lifesaver. It just goes to show how different products react to different skin types. Good post! šŸ˜„


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