All my lip products

NOTE: The same day I took this photo, I lost my MAC Lustre in Quietone. WTF. It was chilling on the armrest of my couch one day, and the next day it was GONE. WHAT. THE FUCK.

I also noticed when organizing my stuff that my Loreal Shine Caresse in Milady, which is a REALLY awesome lilac shade, is also missing. SOBS. Am I having like a lipstick great rebellion or something ?!?!

Photo 3-7-15 9 49 29 am
30 products in total. I am ashamed.
Photo 3-7-15 10 04 30 am
Mid end lipsticks: L-R MAC Quietone (RIP) Buxom Full Bodied mini lipsticks in Mistress, Provacateur and Centerfold, Illamasqua Fable and Scandal, Illamasqua Lipgloss in Iridesce and Exquisite, The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain in 02, NARS Dragon Girl
Photo 3-7-15 10 04 34 am
High end lipsticks: L-R Guerlain Rouge G Unknown colour, By Terry Also unknown colour, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Coromandel, Elizabeth Arden lipgloss in Golden Pearl, Dior Addict Lipstick in Avenue, Ellis Faas Hot Lips in L4..0..2 maybe? The little pot is a depotted Guerlain Gigolo
Photo 3-7-15 10 04 25 am
Drugstore lipsticks B-T Kiko Metallic Fuchsia, Vanilla Lipbalm that got smushed in an accident, ZA Pure Shine Lips, Kiko Smart Lipstick in 914, Mentholatum Watercolour in Kissy Pink, Loreal Shine Caresse in Juliette, Eve and Venus, Revlon Siren, Revlon Matte Audacious, Revlon Lacquer Demure, Revlon Matte Shameless, Revlon Strawberry Shortcake

Clearly I have more drugstore lippies than anything else, although I also have incredibly lux lippies like Guerlain and By Terry (although all bought at HUGE discounts.)

My favourite formula out of all these is probably the Buxom, which are creamy and moisturizing and opaque, tied with the Mentholatum, which is buildably intense, moisturizing and LED-like. The Guerlains are a close second, but I really, really HATE the violet smell. I do not eat violets, thank you! Conversely I absolutely love the smell and even taste (!!) of the MAC.

My favourite lipstick is, without question, Dragon Girl. The one that I wear most often, however, is ZA Pure Shine Lips in the little white pot, only because I’m trying to finish that goddamn thing up.

I feel really sad about missing so many lipsticks. I feel like buying more. Sobs.


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