Waiting for: Life’s Entropy

I am totally in love with Life’s Entropy.

First off, they’re super geeky. I was in the best school in the country (and apparently, the school that produces the most number of Ivy League students, in the world) and I was in a very advanced science class in that very advanced school. And I dated a chemistry graduate. So, many many science things. YAY!

The various formulas have received great reviews, and the colours are absolutely fucking gorgeous.

As of now they are closed until 21st July, so I MIGHT be placing an order after that.

What’s stopping me though is my absolute abhorrence of liquid lipsticks. I absolutely loved the finish and the colour of my Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, but it smeared like there was no tomorrow.

This is the colour that spawned my dreams.

I’m also forever looking for neutral-with-a-kick eyeshadows that are good as single lid washes. The Animal Sanctuary collection seems right up my alley (plus, I LOVE ANIMALS. And special effect shadows. GIMME BLING)

Unfortunately I also hate loose shadows, but I’m willing to take a gamble, plus it’s possible to press them yourself.

And bling bling highlighters? MOAR PLS. (though I have enough highlighter to last my whole life, maybe?)

Current order list:

  • Lip Theory Catalyst
  • Owl Always Love You
  • Just Kitten
  • Nebula/Celestial highlighters

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