Clio Gelpresso Gel Liners mega review

I have a sentimental attachment to pencil liners. They are the first liners I’ve ever used, like most people. I still can’t handle liquid liners, and I use gel liners very often but I don’t like the brush and pot mechanism. Pencils are still the way to go for laziness, I guess! I alaso hate sharpening, so automatic pencils for me…

Pencils have come a long way now. These are sort of hybrid gel-pencils: the formula is very creamy and reminiscent of gel liner that sets and the colour fixes on skin, while in a pencil package.

I have honestly not tried many pencil liner formulas. My lids are rather oily, although not deathly so, and I do not like being disappointed. I was rather impressed when swatching these Clio Gelpresso Gel liners in a drugstore once, so I bought a couple to start. Then, because of a huge online sale, I stocked up on more.

They cost something like $18.90 at Singapore drugstores, which is not expensive, although I would consider it not super affordable. Online though, is a different story. You can get them on Qoo10 for $7.90 plus a small shipping fee. I have personally bought from this seller and they ship fast and package items well. [This is an affiliate link, which will give me a small percentage of the cost of the product without any extra cost to you.]

Photo 24-6-15 2 58 39 pm
L-R No. 1 Beige Shine, No. 2 Jade Green, No. 7 Golden Black, No. 8 Chic Navy, No. 9 Hawaiian Orange, No. 10 Deep Sea Blue, No. 11 Leaf Green, No. 13 Bloody Sweet, No. 15 Bloody Devil
Photo 24-6-15 3 00 15 pm
Swatches in the same order. Beige Shine, Jade Green, Golden Black, Chic Navy, Hawaiian Orange, Deep Sea Blue, Leaf Green, Bloody Sweet, Bloody Devil.

The fatter swatches are pencils that I’ve been using awhile, while the thin swatches are completely new pencils that still have the sharp tip.

Most shades are very shimmery, and some have microglitter. The matte shades are Hawaiian Orange, Deep Sea Blue and Leaf Green, which do not suffer any decrease in creaminess and ease of application even with the matteness. All shades apply beautifully, EXCEPT for Chic Navy which is a little bit sheer on the first pass.

The lasting capabilities of these pencils are pretty good, although not perfect. With eye primer, a little bit of eyeshadow beneath and then eyeliner on top, they can last most of the day quite perfectly. However, skip the primer and/or the shadow, and I find smudges under the outer corners of my eye. They are most definitely waterproof, and reasonably smudge proof though.

My favourite and most versatile colours are Golden Black, Chic Navy and Bloody Devil. Neutral, but with a kick. Beige Shine is rather similar to Bloody Sweet. I would say you should go for Bloody Sweet over Beige Shine, as I find the pink tone of Bloody Sweet with its golden shimmer prettier than a straight up champagne beige.

Photo 21-6-15 6 55 14 pm Photo 21-6-15 6 55 36 pm

Here is Chic Navy on my face, along with Beige Shine (I think) and white kohl on the lower lash line.

One thing though, is that I like my eyeliner very fine, because my lid space is not very large. And I also hate wasting product and sharpening pencils, though these are auto pencils, with a built in tip sharpener at the back. This means that I frequently still reach for a fine liner brush to even out my lines a bit. This is my own idiosyncrasy though, you will not face this if you’re less horrified about wasting product.

The main ingredient that makes these pencils last quite long even on oily lids and also be creamy, Cyclopentasiloxane (a volatile silicone) is very prone to evaporation, so close the lids on these TIGHTLY after every use!

These are not my HG pencil liners (that would be one that never smudges, ever, even on bare lids), but as you can see from my pretty large collection, I like these quite a lot. They have consistently good quality across all colours, have really pretty, shimmery colours that are still wearable, and are an affordable price.

Here is a short infographic with most of the available colours. There are a few limited edition collections if I am not wrong, such as a totally brown collection (erm, boring~) but it’s good stuff! I have most of the colours I want. If I got more, I would get Star Purple and Bloody Angel, that’s about it.



2 thoughts on “Clio Gelpresso Gel Liners mega review

    1. I think the Marc Jacobs are creamier although they’re the same idea, gel liners. I have considered getting an MJ, maybe that will be the first eyeliner that truly works on me? :p


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