After reading a hilarious take on highlighters from Auxiliary Beauty, in which she said that not all make up has to be crammed full of special effects because we don’t all live in a kpop video, I decided to LIVE IN A KPOP VIDEO.

This was also relatively fitting because I was going with my sister to watch Jurassic World for the 2nd time. I mean, DINOSAURS, SPECIAL EFFECTS, so much link, amirite?

Photo 3-7-15 1 31 40 pm
Products used: Illamasqua Empower palette crammed full of special effects, and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk eyeshadows in Madre Perla (mother of pearl, and as iridescent as the real thing) and Blast of blue (not pictured.)

Photo 3-7-15 4 03 35 pm Photo 3-7-15 4 03 56 pmThe sad thing is that no matter how nicely I do my eye looks, the photography always stumps me :(((

I used Madre Perla on my browbone and inner corners, the white with lavender shimmer on the inner half, used the dark grey cream loaded with silver glitter to line, and then patted the brown-green eyeshadow on the outer half (that literally every brand has a rendition of, but I STILL LOVE IT IS SO PRETTY) I used the matte brownish shade in the crease, and Blast of Blue for the lower lashline.

So literally, I used FOUR duochrome shadows on my eyes, with another that has a shitload of shimmer. Tell me that’s ALL TEH SPECIAL EFFECTS.

Although this looks kinda subtle in photos, in real life it was THE ULTIMATE BLING, although the colours themselves were kinda subdued. There was glitter and duochrome EVERYWHERE on my lids and I felt pretty awesome. But because the colours themselves were quite subdued, this is reasonably wearable for social functions.

I had loads of fun with this look, although it is more troublesome than what I usually do. Next time I try something like this I will do it with ultimate special effects highlighter and lipstick/gloss as well.

How many special effect shadows can you cram into one look? 😀


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