5 product face with super multitasking products

Multi-tasking products are always appreciated. Nobody can lug a full make up kit around, and sometimes you just have to improvise in the back of the taxi rushing off to a model casting (been there, done that.)

If you could only have 5 products and had to maximize all their uses, what could you do with them?

We’re going to do something that I consider nearly criminal here – using the same pencil for brows and liner.

I mean, they’re both pencils right? By right they should be interchangeable. Most brow pencils are waxier and less pigmented to mimic natural brow hairs and stay on longer, while eye liners are generally much creamier, and more pigmented.

I have also heard of kits such as the Kate Eyebrow powder,  which you can use for eyebrows, contour and even neutral eyeshadow. That would be multitasking to the max, but unfortunately I don’t own it. I presume with a deft hand you can use it as a powder eye liner too.

2. FOUNDATION + CONCEALER: If you don’t have too many blemishes, or if your foundation is super hardcore heavy coverage, you can use foundation alone. For me, I lost my concealer for quite awhile, so I forcibly lived without it. What I did was to layer foundation on the places where I needed it, like the undereyes, for slightly more coverage.

If I could only use ONE product on my cheeks, I would probably choose a shimmery blush that would naturally be a highlight as well. Too bad there is no corresponding blush-with-a-contour, although I am partial to those 3 colours in one blush pans. Something shimmery like NARS Orgasm or one of its many dupes would be perfect. Go for shimmer, not glitter.

People have said that you can dip a brush in mascara and use it as a waterproof eyeliner, in addition to doing an adequate job as mascara. I have not personally tried this.

If you had used the eyebrow designing powder for liner/brow/contour, this would settle your blush + lips. I like my Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain as a good, cheap, and pretty option. If you can find it, I have the stain in 02 as well, which has gold shimmer, which means it works as a blush + highlight by itself (although on lips, it makes me look like a cyborg.) If not, I actually find that many lipsticks (so long as they aren’t the sheer waxy kind) are great on cheeks if it’s not too humid.

Here are the 5 items I chose:

Photo 5-7-15 2 35 00 pm
L-R: Giorgio Armani Luminous (OR IS IT LASTING, I CAN NEVER REMEMBER) Silk Foundation, CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara, Random cheap brow pencil, The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain 02, Buxom mini lipstick in Mistress.

I totally could have used the same lipstick for a cheek product, and I would have an extra slot left over. To simulate putting on makeup in a huge hurry on the go, I did not use any brushes, just my fingers.

The results were actually pretty good!

Photo 5-7-15 7 54 58 am Photo 5-7-15 7 53 00 am

It’s simple, pretty, but still polished. I sorely missed my contouring products though.

The blush stain was extremely sheer applied with fingers, because fingers absorb all the product. I chose a pinker lipstick because of the lack of other make up, so I didn’t want to look too washed out. The eyebrow pencil had terrible longevity on eyelids, but because it’s on the sheerer side and is brown, it’s not too difficult to reapply to make it look ok. (I also realized that my eyelids become oil slicks. Fuck, have to rethink that non-oily eyelid thing again.)

What 5 products would you use in a pinch?


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