June Favourites

1. Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation. I got this some time ago, but didn’t use it much until recently. There are many pros and cons with this foundation, but for me personally, the pros outweigh the cons. It has an absolutely beautiful finish that makes my skin look flawless but still absolutely skin like. It’s not very high coverage, so your skin needs to be pretty good to start with. It also doesn’t last very long especially in the humid weather, but if I was in an airconditioned place mostly, or somewhere that’s more dry, it would be great. Some people apparently have texture and flaky bits emphasized with this. I guess since I don’t really have textural issues, it doesn’t bother me. _7237236 2. CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. This is a somewhat sticky liquid that contains 4% betaine salicylate, which is the only form of BHA allowed in Korea. (For reference, Paula’s Choice 2% BHA product in Korea contains 5% betaine salicylate.) It’s cheaper than PC, and has a whopping 100ml of product, which will probably last a year +++ on my tiny face. The pump dispenses just the right amount for a full face per pump, and it doesn’t sting. I stopped using this for awhile, and when I restarted, holy crap, the difference! I also use this to rescue any blemishes I have that are starting, to hasten their demise or abort them. I will probably blog more about COSRX in the future, because they are a very rare brand of Asian cosmetics company: no marketing bullshit, no prettified packaging, very simple formulas (usually with 10 or less ingredients.) They even list the pH of each product so you know that its at an effective pH!!! Crazy stuff. (This is not even mentioning the fact that there are almost no AHA/BHA products in the Asian market at all.) 547-13. NYX HD Eye Primer: I somehow lost my old tube of this awhile back, and lived without it for awhile. Now that I’ve repurchased it, I’ve realized the eye-primer shaped hole in my life before I did. Some comments I’ve seen are that it doesn’t dry down and makes blending tough. I personally never had this problem. You have to apply very, very, very little. I take the doe foot, dab it on my finger once, and use that tiny dab for both eyelids. That’s how little is required. It intensifies eyeshadow, but what I love it for is prolonging longevity of anything applied over it. Almost all liners (liquid, gel included) smudge on me after awhile, especially at the outer corners of my eyes. With this primer, the shitty liquid liner I have that smudges on me smudges less, and gel liners truly become bulletproof (otherwise, they are unfortunately not.) 4. Silky Girl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Ever Green:

This shit is AMAZING. I don’t seem to find them on the displays anymore though, so they might be discontinued, which is SAD SHIT. This, my friends, is one of the cheapest eye pencils you will find in a Singapore drugstore, because it’s from a very low end local cosmetics brand Silky Girl. It is THE SHIT, because for a price of something like $8.90, or $4 or less if you buy it secondhand, you get an amazingly creamy pencil that is very pigmented and STAYS LIKE CRAP. It’s a gel-type, that has volatiles that evaporate and fix onto skin. They’re made in Germany, home of Good Quality Cosmetics. Mine are very old: like, 3++ years old, and the pencil has shrunk somewhat from the wood, but it still performs very very well, so a totally new pencil might be even better. I had 4, sold 2 and lost 1, so I’m left with this sole survivor which I try to use regularly. I’m still not cool with the sharpening thing, but this pencil lasts on my lower lashline most of the day (with no smudging, only some fading, and my lower lashline obliterates almost anything.)

5. MAC Quietone Lustre Lipstick

This is literally my first ever MAC lipstick CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I grabbed it from a blogsale. It’s a lustre, which is not their best formula, plus it’s limited edition wayyyy back from 2012, but it still hasn’t turned. It is a gorgeous rosy brown nude, with golden shimmers. Really pretty, and seriously have I been missing out because I LOVE the vanilla smell and taste. (Please don’t let me start eating lipstick!!!) I also don’t find it particularly drying, though the Lustres seem to have that trait. I totally want more MAC lipsticks. (No I don’t. I want to finish up some lipsticks first.)


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