A bronzer?? Alcina sun kissed bronzer review

A while back I attended a launch of Alcina in Singapore. It’s a German make up brand that’s been around awhile, I think. It’s priced on the mid end in Singapore, but not too unaffordable and quite fairly. You can find them on Luxola here. [not an affiliate link] As I’ve mentioned before, the whole brand philosophy is so very german. There aren’t any particularly exciting or lustable products, but most of the textures and products work beautifully. All of us got a goodie bag with 2 goodies: a hyaluronic acid serum, which I have not touched yet, and a sun kissed bronzer in light, if I’m not wrong. Even though I don’t actually like or use bronzers, this bronzer surprised me to a reasonable degree. First, the packaging. Man, could all brands make packaging like this? It comes in a fuss free, no nonsense, square compact. It’s sturdy shiny plastic that looks and feels luxurious, without being obnoxiously heavy and ostentatious. There is 9g of product, which is quite a fair bit. I’ll probably be using this all my life. The mirror in the compact is large, and the lid stays up. This is great for touchups on the go. Last time, when I was travelling, or was in a place without a mirror in a good position, I would apply makeup using the largest compact mirror I had that stood up by itself. That meant my favourite LE Kiko blush, until I dropped it and smashed both the case and the product to oblivion. I live in a very well lit house now, but if I ever needed to do that again, you can be sure I am whipping out this compact. The bronzer is housed on the top layer, and the bottom layer opens to reveal a bronzer brush. This brush is actually really, really nice. It’s soft and fluffy and deposits colour well. I may be using this to apply stuff other than bronzer. Usually, I don’t like brushes that come with products, mainly because if I like and repurchase the product, does that mean I will have 756153156 brushes after a few years?! But okay, at least this is functional and nice. This bronzer looks pretty much fully matte to me, although they say that it contains light reflecting shimmering pigments (WHERE?) The texture is slightly powdery, but very, very soft and gorgeously smooth.

B-T: Illamasqua Hollow, NYX Taupe, Alcina Bronzer darkest shade, middle shade, lightest shade.

Swatches of the contour products I use against the Alcina bronzer to show you how warm it is. The darkest shade is very red/orange here compared to Hollow and Taupe. But then again, it’s not a contour, it’s a bronzer. I only had 1 other bronzer, a Body Shop one, but I lost it somehow so I don’t have any bronzers to compare it against. But you can find swatches of it against Hollow and Taupe here. For a bronzer I would say it’s not incredibly orange. In fact, it might look a bit blushy. For my very yellow skin tone, it looks just alright. Cool-toned people would want to stay away, of course. The middle 2 shades are closer to my skintone and can be blended in. They are also comparatively much pinker, which means it would suit even rather pale people, so long as you avoid the darkest shade.

To be very honest, I have no idea what is the proper way to use bronzer eg in lieu of a blush??? So here it is on my face, working as a blush that’s placed slightly lower, starting from the hollow of my cheeks:

Photo 26-6-15 2 45 39 pm(I added a blush over it afterwards, cos its weird not to…)

I still don’t know how to use bronzer and I still don’t think I will use bronzer, but I think I will actually bring this product travelling due to its very friendly compact and brush and use it to give some dimension to my face (although I may not be able to call it contouring.) It’s definitely a good product, just maybe not for me (although, I don’t think I can blogsale it because you know, the brand is relatively unknown.)


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