Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick review 

This lipstick was a GWP at Illamasqua when I bought 2 lipglosses. I split a set of 6 with some friends. Originally I didn’t think much of this colour, but I knew I didn’t have anything quite like it, so I was happy to bring it back.

Scandal is basically a rosy coral that leans heavily pink. It is super matte.

Illamasqua lipsticks are on the dry side, although still relatively workable. I find the texture is not very conducive to application straight from the tube though, so I usually use a brush to even things out a bit. Applying on top of some balm also makes it a lot creamier (but less long wearing.)

I only have one other coral shade, Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious.

L-R: Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious, Illamasqua Scandal

They are quite different. Audacious is more of a true coral, orange and pink. Scandal is a very rosy, pink shade, rather than a straight up coral.

Most corals apply very unevenly on my super dry and cracky lips. I think it is because of the white base. Audacious is one of the worst, and I really need to even out the colour with a brush or something. Scandal is much better in this aspect, although it still benefits from some touch up.

   On the lips, I would say it gives a really pretty colour. It’s bright enough to look chirpy and fashionable, but it’s natural enough to be subtle. It’s very work and socially appropriate. I mean, I try not to wear bright red lipstick like Dragon Girl to places where strangers are meeting me for the first time professionally, you know?

It wears off reasonably well, although the colour gathers at my lip lines, so the lip lines have remnants of colour when the rest of my lips are bare. Not ideal, but the colour is natural enough to be not so obvious.

Overall, Scandal is a surprising love. It’s fresh and modern, while still being ‘pretty’ and socially acceptable. I’m not too crazy about the formula, but it’s acceptable.


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