Beauty Hack: Brush cleanser!

I wash my brushes semi-obsessively. I would wash them after every use with cream products, but I want to prolong the lifespan of my brushes so I try not to. At the very minimum, I wash all used brushes at least once a week, frequently more.

I use a variety of stuff as brush cleanser. Partly because my brushes are not crazy expensive, and they are all synthetic bristles, I don’t need to be super careful.

So far, I’ve used:

  • Body wash. Works ok.
  • Bar of soap. This works quite good, but some soaps are a bit harsh. Sometimes the brushes come out a bit ‘squeaky clean’, if you know what I mean.
  • Mineral oil. This was Not A Good Idea. It cleans wonderfully, but the mineral oil itself is a bitch to get out of the bristles. I washed the bristles with the harshest stuff possible in an attempt to emulsify it out of bristles, but it didn’t work.

Aaaaand suddenly, I stumbled upon a great, cheap hack.

I have a LOT of face wash. I only wash my face once a day at night, and I use very little product, so all my face washes last forever.

There is this one certain tube of Salome cleanser. It was a gift in a grooming set from some friends, and we left it in a corner and forgot about it. Apparently it was manufactured in 2011, which makes it kind of old….

Still, it worked ok, so I used it. It has the signature brand scent, and quite heavy at that. I also felt that it left a film on my skin after washing, so it was not the greatest. But I did like the gel consistency, and that I could rub it on my eyes without any burning.

However in recent months it turned runnier and runnier until I decided it was not good to use on the face anymore. I think it separated a bit, and seeing how much face wash I have I don’t think I want to risk my face for this.

Thanks to that, I found an ingenious new use for it: Brush cleanser! It cleans make up well (it’s a face wash after all) and is really gentle. The fragrance is also less offensive on brushes, and actually leaves them smelling nicely perfumed. It also seems to be incredibly effective somehow.

I am cleaning my eyeliner brush in this. Eyeliner is pretty hardcore and really tests washing to the limit.

Surprisingly it’s actually super effective, even with hardcore gel liner! Look at all the gross stuff washed out! I simply squeeze the cleanser on my hand, and rub the brush back and forth on my hand.

 Nice and clean after only 1 round of washing!

This works very well to wash off other difficult things like lipstick too.

So this is another idea to finish up your old face washes, particularly if you didn’t like to use it for your face!


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