Illamasqua to be alive collection and mini haul

I attended the Illamasqua event today launching their new collection for summer, to be alive! It’s a blue themed collection, and everything is blue.

I’ve never really explored illamasqua as a brand before. I own and like the Cream Pigment in Hollow for contouring, that’s about it.

Now everyone knows that I very rarely buy stuff, and almost never firsthand/retail right? Today I actually walked away with 2 products (plus 2 gift with purchases) so I can say that I’m suitably impressed.

Omg Duochrome goodness!!!!!!! L-R blue shimmer white thingy from the to be alive eyeshadow palette, iridesce lipgloss, the famous green-brown colour from another palette, empower I think.
Larry Yeo doing make up and demonstrating how to do more interesting stuff.
Eye and base make up done by Larry, and Awesome Lip Colour done by him too!!!!!

Now, Illamasqua is known for very daring, bold and outlandish colour make up. I’m past that, because I own enough eyeshadows, and one lipstick for almost every colour family. But one thing I was really impressed by was the multitudes of duochromey goodness, especially in their lip products and their nail polishes. Me likey.

Can you see the duochrome? (Okay not really…)

I really love the limited edition lipgloss. You know, I vowed never to buy another lipgloss again. So I really, really loved this. It’s a clear gloss, with a multitude of blue shimmers. It is THE perfect rendition of a moonstone in lipgloss form:

I love moonstones, and I use them extensively in my jewellery designs.

There is also an eyeshadow in a palette, that is the eyeshadow form of the lipgloss, so it’s good stuff too. I didn’t feel much for the rest of the colours though, so I skipped that.

Exquisite is also a beautiful sheer lipgloss, that is beige with I think pink and lilac shimmers. Erm, I’m bad at describing stuff. Suffice to say, it is super pretty, while being wearable and not too out of the way. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.

Both glosses are only very slightly sticky, and wear a reasonable amount of time. One bonus is that the pretty pretty shimmers stay around even after the gloss wears off. So if you want blue shimmer and iridescence without glossiness, it’s completely possible to blot the gloss off gently and leave the shimmers on.

T-B: Iridesce sheer lip gloss from the LE to be alive collection, Exquisite from the permanent collection, and wow how smart am I, you can’t see the lipstick colours at the bottom, HAHA.
Swatches of lip products: L-R Iridesce, Exquisite, Over, Scandal.

They were also giving away a set of 6 lipsticks for everyone who spent $120. Me and a couple of girlfriends pooled our purchases together, and split the 6 lipsticks among the 3 of us. I got Over and Scandal, both from the permanent collection. Illamasqua lipsticks can be a bit dry and tug a bit, but they are quite transfer proof. So application is not so great, but I hope the longevity will balance that out.

Over is a milky cool toned pink, which I suspect will not look too great on me, but I will try to pull it off with aplomb. Scandal is a coral that is quite rosy and red rather than a straight up coral. I was not so happy to get it at first, but I don’t think I have anything similar to it, so it is quite welcome in my collection.

The blue shimmers in Iridesce remind me of the effect I get from my Kiko Metallic Lipstick in Fuchsia, so I swatched it here. The blue shimmer iridescence is much clearer in the lipgloss compared to the lipstick. Using the blotting trick, you can make any lipstick a metallic iridescent colour in a similar effect.

Comparison of my Kiko Metallic Fuchsia.

All in all the event was really fun, and the products in the new collection are pretty cool:

And I was convinced to buy a product type that I swore I would never buy again!!!!! So all in all, a really good and fun haul. 🙂


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