Out with the old, in with the new

i finally replaced my old mascara that’s about 6 months old.

The loreal double extension curl was my old mascara. It’s incredibly expensive for a drugstore mascara, at $27.90 in Singapore. It has a primer and a mascara built into one very, very bulky package.

It used to be a DREAM at holding my curls and for the first time in my life I felt like I had amazing curly lashes.

Then it dried up a bit and didn’t get so effective anymore 😦

It is also a bit clumpy, making my lashes a bit thicker, in the clumpy, not nice way. It was also rather heavy: I could really feel it on my lashes and some days I went without mascara just so that I didn’t need to feel weighed down.

My sister bought this for me when she went to the states a while back. It’s the famous cover girl lashblast clump crusher. It’s around $9 in the US and around $15-$20 in Singapore, so it’s much more affordable.

My first impressions and tests are that it holds curls, not amazingly, but it does hold them. It is also feather light. It doesn’t give me clumps, and lengthens my lashes in a very natural way. Nothing dramatic here, but makes me look like a lovelorn foal.

Let’s hope this works out! I’ve ditched some Japanese mascara after trying them once because they wilted my curl really fast. I am cruelly unsentimental about mascaras.


One thought on “Out with the old, in with the new

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