My make up preferences

We all have certain preferences in make up. We usually want products to perform a certain way to suit our needs. For very easy reference, I hope to make this a master post so that when I talk about different products in the future, people will know what I gravitate towards.


  • I really can’t decide what my skin is. I am super sweaty, but not that oily. I don’t need very oil controlling products. However I have noticed that some products kind of clog pores, in the sense that sweat seems to not be able to come out from under a layer of it. I don’t like those.
  • I have very good skin texturally, few zits and blemishes. Hence, I don’t need hardcore acne fighting products, although the occasional zit healer kind of product is good.
  • However I have quite large milia under my eyes that I can’t get rid of. I am trying salicylic acid.


  • I don’t need superb oil control but I need stuff that is reasonably water and humidity resistant. I also want to hide pores, please.
  • I prefer medium coverage bases. I don’t have any full coverage foundations because my skin is good and I don’t find them necessary. I don’t like too sheer foundations because what’s the point?
  • Dewy or matte, I have not much preference. I look ok either way. I try to avoid too dewy in the really hot months, like now, though.
  • I have quite bad dark circles and I need hardcore concealer.


  • I like both cream and powder products. I vacillate between them depending on the humidity, and whether I feel like washing my brushes that day.
  • I am also ok with both cool and warm tones.
  • So in essence, ANYTHING GOES!
  • Except glittery blushes, no thanks. I’m ok with some minor shimmer.


  • CONTOUR4LYFE. I was contouring way before the Kim K thing.
  • I contour like, everyday. Seriously. My no make up makeup includes contour.
  • COOL TONED PRODUCTS YO. That’s the only requirement.


  • I don’t fuss much with my brows because they are super nice. Enuff said.


  • Sparkly, glitterbombs, mattes, anything goes!
  • I’m not super huge on colour though, so I don’t go for like, you know, matte yellow or lime green eyeshadow.
  • Sheer, pigmented, anything is fine! So long as the shadow is buttery and easy to work with. I’m not so bothered with intensity, because sheer eyeshadows have a time and place and I will simply work around it.
  • However it must not crease easily. I mean come ON, we are living in the age of super long wear products. Over a primer, I totally expect eyeshadow to wear at least 8 hours even on my sweaty humid self.
  • I do tend towards more low-key looks. You won’t see outrageous stuff from me! I like colours though, but I try to incorporate them in a low key, polite-society manner.

Lip products:

  • I hate gloss, although I may have to eat my words now.
  • I hate glittery lipsticks, unless they are very well thought out. Like, not chucking generic silver glitter in for the sake of it.
  • I generally dislike sheer lip products. It’s about feeling like you got the bang for your buck, you know?
  • Matte, glossy, satin, anything goes! Except glitter, of course.
  • My lips are dry and parched and cracked like the Rocky Mountains. This means that drying lip products don’t even bother me anymore, cos they’re dry and cracked all the time anyway!
  • But this also means that milky, white base colours are very difficult for me to wear because they get into all the cracks and look like shit.
  • I’m quite brave in my lip choices, and I much rather wear a dark lipstick than a pale one.
  • My favourite type of formulas are actually those tint, jelly kind of texture, pigmented but transparent. Cool shit!


  • I fucking hate mascara. It’s a necessity, but like, a pain in the ass necessity.
  • I want my mascara to hold a curl. SO IMPORTANT. Whatever it does, it has to hold my curls. My lashes are long, but fucking stick straight.
  • If it can hold a curl, I don’t care if it lengthens, voluminizes, or even does nothing else, because I would die to have a mascara that holds my curls properly.
  • It also has to be reasonably water resistant. Because I sweat a lot, and it rains frequently here. I don’t want smudges under my eye.


  • They must not smudge on me, and must be creamy enough to apply well. I like gels and gel-type pencils because they fix and don’t budge.
  • I am very ambivalent about liquid liners. They expire too fast, and have a lot of issues with brush and drying times and shit.

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