Trying to dupe NARS Dragon Girl

I’m always trying to find a dupe for my NARS Dragon Girl, because I can’t stand the fact that I have to pay $30++++ for a 2.2g lipstick. I like my cheap alternatives.

(I’ve also worn Dragon girl like 3 times in the past month. I love it so much that I am finding excuses to wear a red lip.)

I read somewhere that Bloody Mary was a perfect dupe for NARS Dragon Girl, so off to test it I go!

Left to Right: NARS Dragon Girl, NYX Bloody Mary, 2 shades of the new Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque that I can’t remember the names of, and Fuchsia Perche

Dragon girl is a very cool toned red that is quite pink. I’ve seen people who claim that NYX Matte Lipstick Bloody Mary is a dupe for Dragon Girl. I also saw Fuchsia Perche online and thought it looked a little bit like Dragon Girl.

Just comparing Dragon Girl and Bloody Mary, I don’t think they are dupes at all. Bloody Mary is VERY, VERY PINK. I’m not sure if it shows up very well here, but the more I looked at my hand, the more I saw Dragon girl as a Red with pink, and Bloody Mary as just a pink that is rather red. The two shades of Bourjois are neutral and warm red respectively, so can’t really compare. Fuchsia Perche is also quite a bit more pink than Dragon Girl.

So, Bloody Mary is NOT a dupe. Seriously. It is bloody, bloody pink. The base colour (what shows when the swatches wear away by themselves) is also telling. Bloody Mary is not as outstanding or bright but has a much duller base than Dragon Girl.

I really, really love Dragon Girl. Time to post a picture of myself wearing it here soon 😛


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