My brush collection

I am not a brush fanatic. Brushes are tools to help me apply make up, that’s all.

So I’m not going to do a crazy review or anything.

Here are my brushes. They largely consist of:

  • Real Techniques base set (missing the concealer brush, I think I lost it….)
  • Real techniques eye set
  • Red Earth travel set (the ones with red hair)
  • The Face Shop travel set (black)
  • The Body Shop kabuki
  • Random free brushes

Quickie reviews:

The RT base set is o-kay i guess. Out of 4 brushes I use only 2 regularly. The buffer brush is amazingly soft and buffs my foundation to a good finish. The contour brush is really good for contour and sometimes highlighter. The flat foundation brush I only use for applying face masks, or sometimes when I want a very concentrated highlight. I lost the concealer brush… lol.

The RT eye set is also decent. I like the pixel liner, it gives very fine lines. I also like the flat shader, although I actually use it for blending out my crease. The crease brush is way too big for my crease, so I use it as a concealer buffer and to apply base eyeshadow. The brow brush is nice but I’m not very fussed about my brows. The detailer I use for smoky liner and sometimes even to tightline, so it’s pretty nice.

The Red Earth travel set is really, really soft and has really luxurious, dense bristles, even softer and denser than RT. The powder brush is clearly for powder. The other 2 brushes I can’t quite decide what they’re for, so I don’t use them often, but I sometimes use them to apply highlighter or occasionally, eyeshadow. Looking at the shape and size, what do you think it’s for?

The faceshop set originally had one or two more brushes, I’m sure. I use the big one as a blush brush, although the shape looks more suited to powder, it’s way too small. It functions okay as a blush brush though, depositing less colour. The small lip brush’s ferrule is fucked and hence will be retired soon. The concealer brush I don’t use. 😦

Lastly, the random brushes.

The gold brush came with the Missha Extreme Cover Concealer. It’s not too bad actually. I use it for concealer, and also to pack on cream eyeshadow.

The black dinky brush came from one of my mum’s old blush compacts. I took this out because it actually feels extremely soft and comfortable, which is amazing for those freebie nasty brushes. I will use it for highlighter in the future since I still haven’t found a good highlighting brush yet.

The gold sponge applicator came with my Kiko cream shadow, and it’s functional.

The kabuki is from The Body Shop. I still can’t figure out kabukis, but it’s a nice, super dense and soft brush, and I use it to buff out foundations or powder sometimes.

That’s it! I know I’m missing some stuff in the usual arsenal, like a fan brush and whatever, but I’m reasonably happy with my brush collection. I’m only intending to expand it slightly with some ELF and ecotools stuff when I finally do get around to buying some, but not by much.


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