First world problem: my arms are darker than my face 

I am meticulous about facial sunscreen but not so meticulous with body sunscreen. It’s sticky and gross and I have too many things to do. 

As a result, my face and my arms don’t match in colour. Heck, even the top of my arms don’t match the middle in colour!!! Oh, the woes of living in a tropical climate where it is 30C year round + humidity 70% year round. 

My neck and my face colour is not too bad if you squint a little. Foundations that are a little darker than my facial skin match my neck well, and foundations that match facial skin well are a little pale but passable. So I don’t look like I’m wearing a mask. 

But if I wear tank tops, or really if you look at me as a whole, my face looks much whiter than the rest of me because IT IS. 

Anyone knows how to balance it out?

Right now I just make sure to apply sunblock especially on my arms at the elbow area where it is the darkest. It will take a long time to even out though. 


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