What’s in my travel pouch 

I was overseas on a short trip and of course I brought a ton of cosmetics. I like looking at people’s what’s in your bags so I thought I’ll do one too!!

Honestly I didn’t use all the products I brought (who does?) but I swear that I will reduce it next time, okay?!

Photo 4-6-15 10 39 56 am

First up is my go everywhere pouch. I try to bring this everywhere including locally, so it’s really a standard bring along for me.

  • tony moly pocket bunny sleek mist, which I find adorable and I’m just trying to use up, although I will probably DIY my own spray when it’s gone.
  • A inhaler thingy that has a lot of eucalyptus oil and menthol. This was a freebie. I use it to perk up my brain.
  • A balm jelly thing that relieves insect bites. I get bitten a LOT.
  • Eyedrops.
  • Blotting sheets. My husband had a lot for some reason. I keep them handy but I don’t use them that much.
  • Spf15 vanilla lip balm
  • Mentholatum water colour lipstick in Kissy pink. One of my favourite hydrating balmy formulas in a flattering colour that can be built up to seriously neon, or worn sheer.

Then, the tools:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 06 am

  • Eyelash curler. I hate it but my lashes are stick straight, so I have to curl my lashes 4eva
  • Blush brush. Freebie from a Face Shop set that has served me well for years.
  • 4 eye brushes from the real techniques set. Excluding the brow brush.
  • Buffer brush from the RT base brush set
  • Powder brush from Red Earth. It’s SUPER soft and the bristle colour is so pretty amirite? Last night I had a dream that the hairs all dropped out and I was sad. I can’t believe I have nightmares about my make up.

Skincare. I try to bring as little as possible:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 10 am

  • Salome moisturizer. It’s meant for men actually, but who cares. I’m trying to use this up but there’s 95g of product in here, wtf? It’s really thick and good for night time, but heavily fragranced.
  • Vaseline spf 30 serum which I use as body sunscreen. Cheap but kinda greasy, found better options in the end.
  • Make up remover in a travel bottle
  • Mascara remover from Heroine Make. I actually don’t think I need this, I wouldn’t repurchase in the future. I would just massage baby oil into my lashes.
  • Samples of eye wateringly expensive Clarins sunscreen that I would never buy but reviewed here
  • A small bottle for decanting the samples of some random Korean chrysanthemum serum, which turned out to be a thick emulsion rather than a watery serum, and made it impossible to get both in and out of my bottle.

Next, for the visage:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 17 am

  • My face primer, which is seriously never ending
  • Chanel Vitalumiere aqua in b20, which is the foundation that matches my neck colour the best, also never ending (I’ve had both for like 3 years now)
  • Random ZA powder foundation. To be very honest, I erm, found this left behind by a tenant in one of my mum’s houses. It’s not very finely milled and soft so it’s not that great, but I’m trying to use it up, since I have wayyyyy too many powder compacts
  • Nyx cream blush in natural. Trying to use up my cream products before they EGGSPIRE
  • Nyx powder blush in taupe. I can’t live without contouring everyday~

Eye products:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 30 am

  • Two extremely old (like, I have no idea how old) Body Shop baked eyeshadow cubes. So old I don’t even know their names. They are very, very sheer dry, and I have to apply them with my fingers. So not too great, really. I really hate throwing away stuff, so I brought them along to force myself to use them. Some of the colours are actually surprisingly flattering on me, like the (of all things) burnt red colour in the bottom quad.
  • Kiko eyeshadow sticks, the only two I have, in a minty seafoam green, and 38 which is a very pretty medium taupe colour. They’re really great quality and last all day on me.
  • Black brow pencil, which is on its last legs
  • NYX HD primer, newly replaced
  • Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner (or whatever they’re calling it these days) in Choco brown, which is a glittery chocolate colour. The creamiest of the 3 Tony Moly liners I had.
  • L’oreal Double Extension erm something mascara, this is for curl and length. It’s getting a bit dry and losing its ability to hold a curl. I originally intended to throw this away after this trip, but I still have it….


Photo 4-6-15 10 40 36 am

Only 3 lip colours?!?! (Okay, 4 because of the one I always bring around in my other pouch.)

  • L’oreal Shine Caresse gloss stain, which is my absolute favourite gloss formula (I hate glosses.) These are very kind to lips, and hide cracked, dry and peeling lips, which I had this trip. I have the shades Eve and Juliette here, which are, respectively, a super weird crazy magenta-berry shifting shade depending on how much you apply, and a warm red.
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake, which I didn’t use at all in the end because HOLY SHIT the pastel colour really emphasized all the chasms on the surface of my lips.

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