Thou shalt not judge a lipstick by its weight

lipsticks come in pretty standard sizes. The range is usually 3g to 4.5g for full size lipsticks.  However this number tells you almost NOTHING.

I’ve seen a site trying to determine how many swipes you get from a lipstick and things like that and state that a lipstick gives you 300 and something swipes. It is NOT that simple.

Let’s take 2 diametrically opposite lipsticks.


First we have the Rouge G, by Guerlain, a lipstick that costs like $60 in Sg and has 4.2g if I’m not wrong. I have 2 rouge Gs (both secondhand of course – I’m not crazy enough to pay $60) and both are incredibly creamy and opaque. So much so that I don’t really like them because they are so heavy on the lips. They’re incredibly pigmented and I try to wear as little as possible to avoid the heavy feeling.


The lipstick I keep talking about, ZA pure shine lips, is a sheer coral that is very moisturizing. The bullet is soft and it melts against your lips when you apply it and feels like balm. Hence it is very lightweight.

Now the rouge Gs contain much more product by weight than the pure shine lips, but every application also feels much heavier especially if straight from the bullet. In fact, I’m much happier now that I depotted one into a pillbox. A lip brush gives me infinitely better control.  The less pigmented lipstick also of course necessitates more touch up, although I find that creamy lipsticks migrate more as well and needs maintenance too.  Matte formulations are also dryer and probably deposit less product per application than the creamy lipsticks.

Hence, there are five billion factors affecting how much effective product there is in a lipstick tube. So stop comparing lipsticks based on product weight, but instead:

1. Think about how much you love the colour. I absolutely love the colour of dragon girl and unless there’s a dupe that is literally identical, I’m not giving it up even though it only has like 2.2g of product.

2. Think about the formula. Is it comfortable ? Is it to your liking? I’ve realized more and more that my lips ruin creamy formulas because of lots of flaky skin.

3. Think about the price. Is the price worth it for a good lipstick? (I would argue $60 is NEVER worth it because there are so many good lipsticks at decent price points.)


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