Replacing staples with dirt cheap things.

everyone has staples. The products we use everyday, that we can’t live without.

I try to avoid anything that is too expensive for essential staples. I don’t want to bankrupt myself, I have a blog advocating better personal finance after all 😉

To prove that I walk the talk, I have consistently been using and will be replacing some daily use items with the very cheap following items:

1. Sunscreen.

We can’t live without sunscreen, can we? Most brands nowadays sell some iteration of sunscreen. Some of them are moisturizers + sunscreens. Because I live in a super humid climate, I don’t need that much moisturization, and when I put the sunscreen it’s usually enough for me.

My sunscreen literally costs a couple of dollars per tube.

2. Lip balm

I have amassed a huge collection of lip balms over the years,  like everyone else. In the future, I will just use Vaseline. It works and it’s cheap and never expires.

Vaseline doesn’t have so many moisturizing properties, unlike shea butter based ones. It is, however, a damn good occlusive, so it’s especially good for terribly bitter winters. Plus, you can use it as an emergency fix for blisters on heels and to help heal cuts too.

3. Make up remover.

Why do we even buy make up remover? I used baby oil (basically mineral oil) recently and it works beautifully. Use another oil if your skin can’t handle mineral oil, then emulsify that shit with a good cleanser.

One time I forgot to bring make Up remover on a trip and I used vaseline to clean my face and it actually worked (solidified mineral oil) although I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t work as well as liquid mineral oil.

(I also used it as a brush cleaner but that shit refused to be washed out after using various shampoos and harsh face wash several times… so I maybe won’t do that in the future.)

4. Cotton pads

I really, really, really hate wasting cotton pads just to apply toner or to wipe off make up remover. I seriously hate it, though I don’t know why.

What I do instead, is to use a cloth. I have lots of little towels lying around because of my baby, and I cut it up into little squares. I throw the used ones into a laundry bag, and throw it into the washing machine when it’s full.

Any other ideas you have for using cheap hacks for daily items?


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