Clarins UV Plus Anti Pollution Sunscreen, and update

This is a repost with lots of updates of my original review.

I acquired some sachets of Clarins anti-Pollution sunscreen from the counter. They claim to protect against pollutants in the atmosphere too, which sounds like bullshit, but a good product is a good product.

This unfortunately is not.

I am quite religious about sunscreen. I am devoted to cheap but good sunscreens, my 3W clinic sunblock.

This comes in 3 shades. Neutral, which is ostensibly transparent, and 2 ‘brightening’ shades, pink and blue. I’m reasonably fair, so MOST sunscreens have no or minimal white cast for me, which means I can enjoy the benefits of titanium dioxide without the drawbacks. I received only the blue and the pink,

But HOLY FUCK! Look at this!!! (This is pink)

This is SO FUCKING WHITE. Look at the difference between my chest and my neck/face (I applied sunscreen all the way down.)

The sample was 1ml, which is just about the amount you use per application, so I dumped all of it onto my face. It has a nice silicone slip to it, and feels moisturizing. It is lightly fragranced but not offensive. But it gave me this terrible cast. It has been sitting on my face for 5-10 min already btw. It doesn’t fucking dry!!!!!!

Admittedly it’s quite a lot of sunscreen but it’s the amount you’re supposed to use. I think this problem is caused because it is a dimethicone based sunscreen, the very first ingredient is dimethicone. Although silicones are expensive and are very moisturizing, I’m thinking it’s not so smart to make a sunscreen out of so much silicone because we need to dump SO MUCH on our face.

But it also doesn’t sit well under make up. It’s too slippery and my foundation cakes up, although it MAY be rectified with using less sunscreen. I also skipped the primer because there was way too much silicone on my face already.

Photo 6-6-15 11 29 09 am Photo 6-6-15 11 33 06 am

This is the blue one. Holy shit, it is BLUE. I think I look a bit like a smurf. This was maybe half the packet. It still gave me a white PLUS blue cast which doesn’t fade as well.

So the sunscreen is expensive, and the two tinted ones have REALLY weird tints, and the super high silicone content does not play very well. All in all, a big fail.


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