luxury shampoo and conditioner (or, the time I burnt my scalp.)

As I have said previously, I am freakishly lazy about hair. 

I use drugstore shampoo and conditioner. I used to like herbal essences because it smells good. Pantene, asience, etc, are all acceptable too. 

I usually only notice when shampoo goes wrong. In school, when I was lazier than now, I once bought an apple flavor shampoo that dried my hair out like fuck. And coated them in a funny film. My hair started dropping out like mad. Wtf. 

Another time, I took a bottle of herbal essences no one was using from my in laws’ house. (I totally have a weak spot for herbal essences okay!!! Still remember the ads from my childhood!) it however went off. Don’t believe a shampoo can go off? It smelled funny, vaguely like ammonia, but I used it anyway because it’s shampoo, it touches my hair for like all of 30 seconds. 

It gave me freaking SCALP BURN. My first and probably most embarrassing chemical burn in the history of humankind. My scalp was itchy and painful and skin was flaking off, but in the oddly compulsively pleasing way (ie not dandruff, but large enough chunks so you can see clear follicle holes – or am I just weird?!?)

However there has been a couple of really nice shampoos. Right now I am working through a bunch of those hotel toiletries that I took from hotels in my recent travels. 

I had a shampoo and conditioner from L’occitane, provided by Shangri La. That was quite nice. (See, I have no description.) 

But I really liked the set from Peter Thomas Roth. The shampoo smells divine and the conditioner made my hair visibly awesome the next Day. As in, I woke up and went omg my hair is awesome! 


this has bankrupted more than one person.
Obviously I’m not going to buy it. (I hope.) Those shampoos cost a fortune. It is a nice little bit of luxury though. I may actually miss it when I run out.

(Ps, if hotel toiletries sway your decision of hotel, I paid like $100 SGD/night for the Hilton, complete with its luxurIes, in the heart of Milan. Who also gave me lots of PTR. Score!!) 


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