Favourites of may 

there are some products I’ve been loving especially much in the month of May, for some reason.

1. NARS dragon girl. 

Come to think of it I have no idea how I first came across this. It wasn’t new, and I didn’t come across it on temptalia or something. I’ve worn it several times in May and it’s always awesome. I’m always up for an excuse to rave about this. RAVE.

2. Mary Lou Manizer

I’ve always wanted to do a review but never got round to it. This is a pretty yellow highlighter, shimmery pale champagne gold. I’m quite yellow, so it actually looks very natural (that is, the right colour – i don’t think anyone is born with shimmery skin) on me. It’s very very frosty and shimmery, so when I’m in a highlighting mood I make sure to pack it on cos I’m a whore like that.

3. Illamasqua Cream pigment in hollow

I contour my face literally everyday, not hardcore but just emphasize my nose and cheekbones kind of contour. I didn’t like creams but I actually pretty like this! It stays put quite well and doesn’t feel icky or heavy in humid weather, which is a dealbreaker for most cream products.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo and conditioner

WTF, A SHAMPOO, from the queen of HAIR LAZINESS. I stayed at the Hilton in Milan (at a dirt cheap price I might add, due to an extra low season) and I took as many of these as I could. I actually quite like, no, possibly love this shit. It smells amazing, and actually makes my hair feel great. Like, when I wake up next morning I go ‘HOLY SHIT MY HAIR IS GREAT’ kind of awesome. It costs, apparently, $18 USD for 250ml from Sephora, which is like 4x more than I pay for usual shampoo, at 1/4 the volume… I’m not sure I’m so concerned about the hair that I’ll buy it.

5. Sleek i-Divine Palette Oh So Special


I will be honest. I ordered Oh So Special mainly for the shade names. I am a romantic at heart, after all. I didn’t actually use many pinky shades. However, recently I used one of their warmer pinks in my crease and it actually looks GREAT. Like in a very fresh, summery kind of way. That one shade will be my new go-to crease shade in everything that I don’t need a nude for.


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