Hair advice that lazy people can follow 

I am absolutely lazy about my hair. 

Sure, there are some things that could have been better; I’m not saying my hair is perfect. 

  • It could have been naturally wavy. I refuse to perm or curl
  • it could take on colour more easily: I used like 2 boxes of red dye on my short medium hair and IT JUST WOULDNT BE RED even though my husbands one was brilliantly ruby. 
  • My roots could be less flat. I have a problem with the hair on top of my head. Some photos in this blog have tell tale signs.
  • It could be less limp. Not only roots but the body also seems rather flat sometimes, like my hair sticks to my head and there’s no volume. 

Still, I really don’t give a shit about hair. Make up, skincare and dressing take up enough of my time. I don’t use anything beyond drugstore shampoo, I don’t use serums, gel, wax, spray, what have you. 

But there’s still some easy advice that even lazy asses like me could use to improve hair health:

  • Don’t comb your hair when wet. Wet hair breaks easily. 
  • Don’t heat style when wet. It’s like boiling your hair. 
  • Use heat protectant when blow drying. Alternatively, another solution is simply don’t blow dry. 
  • Use shampoo on scalp only, and Use conditioner on your ends. Ends tend to be dry while scalps are oily or have dirt. Don’t lather up the whole length. 
  • And use conditioner, damnit. 

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