Make up rut 

I am in a make up buying rut. Which is a good rut because I don’t spend money. 

Recently I’ve only purchased:

  •  lots of Clio gelpresso eyeliners, which I know work decently on me, at a dirt cheap price
  • Giorgio Armani fluid sheer which was too good a deal at $10 to pass up 
  • Nyx HD eye shadow base. Because I lost many staples somehow and I need to replace them.
  • I also need to buy concealer, which I haven’t yet… 

I feel like nothing really excites me anymore?!??! 

I mean, I’ve got great lipsticks covering most of the colour spectrum, I’ve got a ton of eyeshadows, I’ve only got 3 highlighters but they cover all the colour spectrums, I’ve got a blush for every colour spectrum, etc…. 

Right now I’m just buying staples that I lost over the past few months.

Anything recently that is exciting that someone can recommend?!?


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