My distaste: for limited edition

in GENERAL, I do not like limited edition stuff.

I am not a beauty addict. I make purchasing decisions based on rationality. Of course, nobody needs to own like, 20+++ lipsticks, but I have limited myself to a very small selection of reds, nudes, etc. I do not have 30 red lipsticks just because. 

Anyway. Packaging is not a deal breaker for me either, so long as it’s not stupid/easily disintegrating. 

And this is why I don’t particularly care about limited edition stuff. 

If the LE was with someone/thing I really love (few and far between: Lana del Rey, Zooey deschanel?) I would consider purchasing. And an item that I like and will use. I will never buy bronzing powder. I will buy lipsticks, and highlighter. 

I will also make damn sure that these products are actually good to use. I don’t know of any product that is so amazingly packaged that I don’t mind a shitty product just to stare at it. 

A quick googling of pretty products: 

 Okay, if something that looked like this were limited edition, I MAY buy it. 


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