I hate mascara 

woes everyone!!!

I have a love hate relationship with mascara. 

Omg a wild photo appears!!! 

Today I used lotsa highlighter, had a baby smoky eye (I swear it’s more obvious in real life..) and had terrible dark eye circles. And a huge zit. I also HAD NO MASCARA. 

That’s because my old loreal double step I don’t know what purple colour tube thing USED to be great at holding a curl. Now it doesn’t really, anymore. And I don’t want to spend $27 on mascara like every few months?!?

So I skip the mascara most days. 

I visited the sephora near my house today. That is the first time I have ever stepped into sephora, literally.

The mascaras intrigued me because I just can’t figure mascaras out, wtf? 

I’m thinking about what to possibly try: MUFE Smoky extravagant? TF better than sex? What??

I mean I JUST WANT LASHES LIKE HER PLS. (Photo from drivelaboutfrivol.blogspot.com) 


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