Many lemmings 


A place for my insane ramblings for my make up, instead of a blog. 

I’ve been slightly unwell lately but I’m trying to get myself into the groove again. 

But today I want to talk about lemmings I have. 

I have very few desires for items: I think I have a pretty damn large make up collection, and I got all bases covered practically. I mean, the coral blush and the red blush looks practically identical on me (very pink.) so no point buying 362917 more blushes. And I have a billion eyeshadows. And lipsticks. 

Still, when people rave crazily about something, I still want to try it, especially if it’s affordable. I’ve kinda grown out of buying incredibly expensive make up: you know most f the $ is spent on marketing and packaging right?? 

Most recently I’ve wanted:

  • Maybelline vivids colour sensational lipstick. This is not available in Singapore and OBVIOUSLY we all want something that’s hard to get right?!?!! I’m not a great fan of drugstore lipsticks: I have vivid (haha) memories of plastic taste and tons of glitter. These however have no glitter and have a great formula!! 
  • Revlon grow luscious eyeliner: a discontinued product from 2013 (again hard to procure) that supposedly had a fucking amazing formula. I still am trying to find an eyeliner that smudges completely 0. 
  • La girl pro conceal. I have no idea what my shade is and I haven’t got to a tester to find out yet. Argh. Can you believe I am living without concealer????
  • Nyx HD eyeshadow base: the doe foot applicator one. It was a great eyelid primer. I noticed my liners smudge a LOT more without it. I have fucking oily eyelids I guess. My life is not the same since I lost it. 

There, not too many products right? I’ve been a good girl 🙂  


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