Make up that I grew out of 

some make up just seems downright juvenile. Or maybe cos I used I t in my teens and I should be more mature now right?

  • Lipgloss. God I just shun it right now. Sticky stuff is a no no and the amount of glitter and shine seems childish. They’re are also mostly terribly sheer. I would never buy another lipgloss today. 
  • Glittery lipstick. I actually somewhat like frosty lipsticks: they have a time and a place. But glitter?!?!? No no no. Unless it’s amazingly multicolored beautiful mind blowing glitter. 90% of drugstore lipsticks have glitter so I’m like NO. Plus they migrate all over my face.
  • Bronzer. Firstly, we don’t need to be bronzed because we have tropical sun all year round. Also, drugstore options are largely glittery and orange. And also- what’s the freaking point of bronzer??? If contouring, use cool shades like nyx Taupe. 
  • Pink everything. My first ever lipstick was pink. Now I don’t even have a straight pink every day kind of lipstick (except those very cool toned kind of pinks.) I’m not girly or innocent, so I don’t go wearing like, pink eyeshadow pink nails pink lips and stuff………

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