Holy crap

Today I went to a launch event, by Alcina (a German brand) and Luxola (the cosmetics e-tailer giant.)

(Short summary/review of the brand and products: They are SO VERY GERMAN. They have reasonable scientifically backed products, like glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid, and the lady was nice enough to speak about the concerns of Asian skin in an Asian climate specifically. Their skincare is categorized by richness level from 1-10, which makes it easy for people to see if they can use a certain product in the day under make up (super important, I hate thick creams under make up.) They have very boring colour make up: a lot of neutral workhorses but nothing very exciting. Their eyeshadows are largely neutral – bronze, champagne, taupe, a darkish purple. Their lipsticks are mostly neutral – no insanely eye-searing coral or neon pink, but instead wearable coral, mauves, browney nudey shades. Their powder products are pretty solid – smooth and pigmented. Their eyeshadow sticks are very, very solid – the colour sticks to your skin like crazy (but no staining.) So it’s a pretty nice brand, without being particularly exciting or craze inducing. Except I don’t know what the prices are like, lol.)

And I realized that actually, I really can be a beauty blogger.

Firstly, I love make up enough.

Secondly, I have decent looks and skin. Not a must, but I guess nice pictures are always nice to look at right? 😀

Thirdly, I am moving to a new place. This place is rather irritating as there is no possible way to have good lighting without having loads of clutter in the background. The new place is very pristine and has lots of white walls so hopefully it will offer up something better.

Fourthly, we are probably hiring a helper at home. It is insanely tiring to handle an 8 month old baby 24 hours a day and both grandmas and I are going insane. A helper would be welcome and would allow me to focus on my jewellery business while having some nice sidelines like writing.

I’m very frugal by nature, so I tend to get products off retail and aim never ever to pay retail prices. The only thing I got at retail price were my NARS Dragon Girl pencil (New HG red…) and my Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in Lust Red (WHICH I HAVE LOST.)

But because I like going to events (not everyday, sporadically) and I like putting on make up, and I have beauty blogger friends who can help me gain a foothold.

The only thing is that my policy of NEVER BUYING RETAIL will probably damn me to hell in the eyes of PR and sales people. Lolwhut.

Alcina gave us a free bronzer (it’s a nice bronzer, but Asians don’t bronze very much….) and a hyaluronic acid serum… essence… thing (which is very welcome.) so I’m very happy to increase my make up stash for free!!!!! (see, I am so cheapskate.)

For more about leading a frugal life, there is my other blog at www.singaporemm.wordpress.com


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